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Bereavement Articles 

Children in Grief

 June 03, 2008 I have three boys who were 11, 18 and 19 when their father died from cancer. They all reacted differently to this loss, and many times I felt at a loss myself in trying to determine the best way to ..

Seven Beliefs That Will Help You Cope With The Death Of Your ..

 May 21, 2008 Thoughts and beliefs-both of which are choices you make-are the underpinnings of attitude. They are the major factors in how you will cope with your loss and to what extent you will experience ..

Grief - A Journey Of The Heart

 May 17, 2008 Many of us try to apply logic and calculations to virtually every circumstance that we face in life. As if there is some “score" that if achieved will result in our circumstance being ..

As Long As the Sun Shines Again

 May 17, 2008 I have come to the conclusion that my topic or specialty (in a literary sense), that I write about is grief and bereavement. Sobriety and recovery is another niche of mine. So is suicide and anger. ..

The Forgotten Factor in Coping with the Death of Your Loved One

 April 21, 2008 No one is immune from the sad experience of grieving the death of a loved one. Yet, until death comes into our lives and a significant person is no longer with us, our culture teaches us to deny ..

Book Review - Sacred Grief

 April 13, 2008 The Mystery of the Unknown - A New View on Grief Leslee Tessmann relates her spiritual journey into self discovery in her book “Sacred Grief". It is her story of moving from unresolved ..

For Better For Worse - 6 Steps To Encourage A Couple Through ..

 April 06, 2008 In 2002, my husband, Robert, and I lost our oldest son, Joshua, at eight years old, to a rare genetic difference and heart disease. I still remember the day that we stood In the ER, with the chaplain .

Needs Of Mourners That Anyone Can Fill

 April 06, 2008 There will be many occasions in life when you will be in a position to provide support for a friend or family member who is mourning the death of a loved one. No special training is needed. You can ..

Clearing Out Our Deceased Daughter's House - The Last Goodbye

 April 05, 2008 Seventeen months ago our daughter died from the injuries she received in a car crash. Since that tragic accident we have walked with grief every day. We have also become a GRGs - grandparents raising .

It Takes Time and Tears to Move On

 March 28, 2008 There isn't a day that goes by, do I not remember how very sad I have been while my grief was still lingering and fresh in my mind. The first day after my wife, Bobbie, died, I was afraid to go on ..

How to Deal With Bereavement

 March 18, 2008 Bereavement is nothing but a part of life in which he suffers from a state of loss and grief is the reaction which is seen by him at that time. Bereavement mainly refers to the loss of a very close ..

Lost Is Lost - Bereavement Grief Is Never A Solution

 March 16, 2008 Man's responses to various situations vary widely. There are as many numbers of reactions as there are people in this world. The response to stimulus is human and is quite natural. But there are ..

How To Help A Bereaved Family

 March 09, 2008 What you can say or do for a bereaved person or family: Try To. . . Ask what they want and need to be supported by you. You may feel helpless and fear saying anything to make it worse but don't ..

How to Overcome Bereavement

 March 09, 2008 It is a feeling that a person gets when the person is deprived of some things or family or friends. This may be caused by their death (like in most cases) or because they have parted from the person. .

What You Can and Cannot Control When Grief and Loss Occur

 March 07, 2008 No one is immune from the suffering and pain that accompanies the death of a loved one. The grief that ensues is fraught with many ups and downs which sow confusion and stirs deep emotional feelings. .

Bereavement Needs Treatment

 March 05, 2008 Bereavement is something that we come across on different occasions in our whole lifetime. The cause for this could be anything: death of a person, losing possession of house, loss of pet, breakups ..

7 Step Guide to Increasing the Pain of Major Loss

 February 28, 2008 No one escapes the emotional and physical pain of major loss; it is an inherent part of life itself. Yet, most who are mourning the death of a loved one are engaged in a variety of pursuits that ..

How to Minimize Self-Imposed Isolation in Grief and Loss

 February 24, 2008 You can reduce unnecessary suffering when grieving by limiting the time you either knowingly or unknowingly isolate yourself. Self-imposed isolation is a common response to the death of a loved one. ..

How to Deal with Grief Triggers Long After the Death of a ..

 December 19, 2007 Have you been having a good day many months after the death of your loved one and when watching television, see a particular scene or hear a statement, and suddenly you feel the return of sadness and .

Coping With the Anniversary Reactions That Come With Grief

 October 09, 2007 Recovering from multiple losses - the death of my daughter, father-in-law, and brother - has been heart-wrenching. While I have made progress, I worry about the anniversary reactions that await me. I .

Death - The Ultimate Fear

 September 24, 2007 The ultimate fear we have as human beings is death. We all know it is the inevitable, unavoidable end of our life and yet it is the basis of all our fears. Yet maybe some things in life are worse ..

Condolence Letters - Sending Words of Encouragement to a Loved .

 September 12, 2007 Condolence letters are considered some of the most difficult letters to write and send because of their very sensitive nature. Even so, when someone close to you is dealing with the loss of a loved ..

How To Say Goodbye To A Troublemaker?

 August 30, 2007 I never had a chance to say goodbye to my husband when he died at his parents’ home. They decided not to include me any more in their family life. I was informed of my husband’s death ..

Grief Recovery- A Process That Demands New Ways of Thinking

 August 01, 2007 I feel like I am walking through mud. Three loved ones - my daughter, my father-in-law, and my brother - died in two months. The road is hard, yet I must keep going, for there is more grief work to ..

Employing the Art of the Possible When Mourning the Death of a .

 July 03, 2007 Have you been thinking, “Why am I feeling so empty and without purpose in my life?” Or, “How can I begin to reduce the pain and suffering that has turned my life upside down? Where ..

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