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It Aint Over Til Its Over (Especially When Youre Closing the ..

 July 14, 2008 The quote, “The opera ain't over until the fat lady sings" originated with San Antonio sports broadcaster Dan Cook during a television newscast in April 1978. He coined the famous phrase after ..

To Turn More Prospects Into Paying Clients, You Must Give Them .

 June 29, 2008 When I was first starting out trying to close the sale as a brand new solo-entrepreneur, I would offer prospects only one rate and the offer was basically “this is what I charge, take it or ..

If You Want to Increase Revenues, You Must Bring on an ..

 June 26, 2008 If you want to grow your business, hands-down, you need an assistant. And by “grow, " I really mean “make more money. " Oh, I know what you're thinking! “I don't make enough money ..

To Turn More Prospects Into Paying Clients, You Must Motivate ..

 June 15, 2008 When talking about their business, most solo-preneurs make the mistake of describing exactly what they do, in boring detail. “My company has been in business for X number of years and we use ..

Is Your Business Card Useless or Is It Client Attractive?

 August 22, 2007 You can have a business card that's useless or one that gets you clients. Which do you want? Your business card should be considered a serious sales tool, something that someone will look at and get ..

Stop "Moving Your Own Piano" (You'll Then Attract More Clients .

 July 31, 2007 Quote: “Invest three percent of your income in yourself (self–development) in order to guarantee your future. " – Brian Tracy Sometimes, the signs that it's time to invest in taking your ..

You Don't Need to Learn MORE to Get Clients

 April 28, 2007 "What you have to give is enough-if you give it with all your heart. " -Chieko N. Okazaki For years, I’ve noticed how many of my clients stopped themselves from marketing because they needed to .

Figure out Why You're REALLY in Business and Client Attraction .

 March 27, 2007 "Living your best life is to find out what your calling is. Your real job on Earth is to find out what you were meant to be doing and to find a way to do that thing. " —Oprah Winfrey For years, ..

The ONE Question Prospects Always Ask That You Should Never ..

 January 21, 2007 One of the best things to do to quickly establish credibility, get massive exposure, and attract new clients, is speaking. Hands down. Whether you organize your own seminars on a regular basis to ..

You MUST Use Conviction and Authority to Attract More Clients

 January 21, 2007 Did you know there is a way of BEING that literally makes or breaks your ability to attract clients in large numbers? The sad thing is, many self employed people don’t use it and, as a result, ..

Stop Being a Wimp With Your Clients

 January 21, 2007 “Substantial value is created when the client achieves more than they expected. One of the best ways to ensure the client achieves more than they expect is to ask more of them than they ..

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