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Who is the man Kim Schmitz?

 July 25, 2012 Born in 1974, and after having legally changed his name to Kim Dotcom in 2002, Mr Schmitz is an important German-Finnish businessman remembered for having founded the famous website Megaupload ..

India increase anti piracy efforts

 May 02, 2012 Somalia and its Puntland coastline had become a hotspot for pirate gangs, who conducted kidnappings, hijackings and robberies on privately owned boats and more commonly trade vessels passing along ..

The Iranian Navy vs Somali pirates

 April 13, 2012 The number of pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden has steadily increased over the past few years and Somali pirates once again chose to attack in this stretch of water as they seized control of a ..

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

 March 06, 2012 Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is a problem that is growing rapidly, criminal and pirate gangs in the region appear to have followed the example set by Somali pirates as within the last year pirates in .

Fighting back against the pirates!

 February 06, 2012 The severity of piracy has been demonstrated by recently released figures which state that in 2011 there were 176 attacks in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean alone. These piracy attacks also led to ..

Britain fight back pirates with guns

 November 03, 2011 The UK’s prime minister, David Cameron, has recently announced a change in the legislation which would allow the use of guns and other kinds of weapons on British merchant ships. In fact, UK is .

The threat from Somali terrorists is not over yet

 October 06, 2011 Terrible news don’t seem to end in the Horn of Africa, where events are getting increasingly serious and tougher for Somali people, following the last of a series of terrorist attacks that took .

Pirates: history repeating?

 August 04, 2011 Piracy is becoming more of an international issue in recent years, as it does not seem to stop expanding its area of influence beyond the Horn of Africa, according to the latest news coming from the ..

Make Somalia a better country

 July 01, 2011 Remember the American man and the three Britons who got caught with over $3m, brought into Somalia to pay a ransom to pirates? Luckily they have been released, with the government keeping all the ..

Why does a Fisherman turn into a Pirate?

 June 22, 2011 Piracy has become a matter of concern in the past few years due to the events that took place off the coast of Somalia. Attacks have rapidly increased since 2005: pirates seem more organized than ..

Stop Losing Sales To Intellectual Property Thieves With These ..

 January 10, 2007 While there is no perfect method to prevent product theft, there are a number of things you can do to help minimize it. Make the download page difficult to find Place your product in an obscurely ..

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