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Kelly Clarkson – First American Idol Winner

 June 22, 2009 FOX reality talent show American Idol is approaching its 8th season. We’ve seen several contestants stand out against their peers and develop careers for themselves. Of those several ..

America's Got Talent and So Do You

 September 16, 2008 Do you want to see passion, talent, the power of focus, and even some enlightenment? Watch a talent contest. Lots of untalented people enter talent contests. We see that in the early stages of ..

American Idol - More Than Just a Singing Competition

 September 14, 2008 American Idol is perhaps the biggest singing competition in America these days, and it's really not hard to see why. Broadcasted over Fox Network in the United States, it is aired internationally in ..

Useful Tips For American Idol Auditions

 July 15, 2008 The Fox networks television show is an American version of the U. K. show called Pop Idol. American Idol is produced by Ken Warwick and Simon Fuller, the very same U. K. producers of Pop Idol. The ..

American Idol - Will The Show Go On?

 April 02, 2008 American Idol continues to set new records each week with the number of votes garnered from viewers when the time comes to selecting which contestant they liked best and preferred to have them stay ..

The American Idol Empire

 April 01, 2008 The now famous American Idol television show made its debut on June 11th, 2002 and became an almost instant success. The show quickly became a hot topic for just about everyone - no telling how much ..

Hometown American Idol

 March 26, 2008 Do you have to be the next American Idol to be in show business? You can be a performer in your own hometown and make a very good living . . . without having your name in lights, or having a pesky ..

Asia'h Epperson Returning to American Idol?

 March 23, 2008 Is Asia'h Epperson returning to American Idol? Rumors are in the air that American Idol Season Seven is returning 5 contestants that have already been eliminated. Asia'h Epperson is one of the 5 ..

Entrepreneurs - What It's Really Like To Be Start Up Junkies - .

 March 20, 2008 As a serial entrepreneur, I find reality TV a complete, contrived waste of time. I've never watched American Idol, Survivor, Amazing Race, The Apprentice, etc. Even the commercials showed me more ..

The Top 12 of American Idol Reviews

 February 20, 2008 American Idol is at full swing again back with Season 7 and the top 24 are singing trying to get their way into the top 12 and eventually become the next Idol and get that big recording deal. So how ..

How To Market Your Way Into Becoming The Next American Idol?

 February 01, 2008 Television's most famous singing competition. Watched by millions of audience. Kick-started many individual's singing career - Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Daughtry the list goes on. Some are ..

Welcome to Internet Idol!

 January 24, 2008 Although I've been saying that the internet will eventually clog up with low quality music for some time, even I was surprised when I realized how quickly this is going to happen. It will most ..

Jordan Sparks' Debut Is A Little Flicker And A Little Fizzle

 January 04, 2008 The latest winner of the mega-hit television series “American Idol" released her first album just before the 2007 holiday rush. For some, it will be this effort will be like an extra little ..

American Idol Results Defy Logic

 April 16, 2007 The television show American Idol is one of America's favorite TV shows to watch. The goal of the show is to entertain and along the way find the next great singer. Celebrity judges Simon Cowell, ..

3D Animation

 April 04, 2007 3D animation is a more advanced graphical presentation with the help of computer and digital displayers. Animations such as movies, presentations, walk through, cartoon films, television ..

Computer Animation

 April 04, 2007 Computer helps for giving artificial life to images/graphics. In advance method of animation making, computer software has a great role. Computer only can help for making 2-D and 3-D animations ..

Flash Animation

 April 04, 2007 A Flash animation is a compiled or published file created using Macromedia Flash software. The compiled file is a . swf file format that can be played by flash player or embedded in an HTML file. ..

American Idol's Notorious Judge Supports PETA

 March 17, 2007 PETA, an International non-profit group that promotes animal protection and contests animal abuse, has found its new endorser in the form of American Idol judge Simon Cowell. The infamous judge will ..

American Idol - Top 16 Power Rankings

 March 17, 2007 American Idol is having a pretty weird sixth season. The talent seems to be lacking a little, but that may not be the entire story. The top of the ladder is full of great singers. And when I say ..

The 23rd Channel

 March 10, 2007 My eternal gratitude to the unknown author of this version of Psalm 23. The television has surely taken away our vision. Isn’t it ironic that one of America’s most popular shows is ..

American Idol: Top 12 Guys - Quick Thoughts

 February 26, 2007 American Idol began its live Hollywood auditions on Tuesday and the results were, well, lackluster. The top 12 males performed and to say that they were a little nervous would be an understatement. ..

Top Ten American Idol Auditions

 February 26, 2007 American Idol and its preliminary auditions are the source of much entertainment and discussion among casual and hardcore fans of the biggest show on TV. The auditions bring a diverse group of ..

American Idol - A Celebration of Failure

 February 05, 2007 A celebration of Failure! The more schooled I become in the course of life, the more it saddens me how we laugh AT each other as opposed to WITH each other. The more television postures itself to ..

Elvis Impersonators All Over The World Might Be Forced Out Of ..

 February 01, 2007 There are an estimated 30,000 Elvis impersonators performing on stage. And that's in America alone. There's no telling how many more Elvis impersonators walk the face of the earth. However, that ..

American Idol Party: Party Favors, Karaoke, and Fun

 January 30, 2007 If you live in a large city, there is a good chance that American Idol has been there. American Idol is a show televised in the U. S. It is based on the UK show, “Pop Idol. ” The basic ..

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