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Renewable energy credit trading in India

 July 12, 2012 India inaugurated energy trading recently. The first session of energy certificate trading was organized at Indian Energy Exchange on twenty third February 2011. This is India’s first and only ..

Alternatives - How To Succeed

 September 09, 2011 Alternative Medicine - The Different Forms of Healing Procedure Alternative medicine may be defined as “any form of healing procedure that is not classified as that of conventional medicine. ..

Alternative heart disease treatments

 May 27, 2011 Since the rise of civilizations and modern living all over the globe heart disease has become widespread. The stress and strain of modern lifestyle is stressful for the heart. One of the bodies most ..

Using Food for Gout Treatment

 November 27, 2010 So the question is, is it possible to use food for gout treatment? Most diet plans can be difficult to stick to, often they do not allow you to eat the most pleasurable foods. However, if you have ..

Alternative to Google Adsense

 July 04, 2010 Alternative to Google Adsense Bidvertiser Like AdSense, Bidvertiser displays text ads in your page. But the difference lies in the fact that advertisers bid over your advertising space, ensuring you ..

Solar Energy is One of the Top Alternative Energy Solutions

 May 19, 2010 One of the finest environmentally friendly types of renewable energy is solar energy. This is done by transforming sunshine into electrical power by using solar cells. There are actually 3 primary ..

How To Create An Image Based On Good Health And Well Being

 May 14, 2010 Health and well being is the foundation for image control. If you look good and feel good you will project and radiate a positive attitudes, positive vibes. Your associates and the people you deal ..

Did you know that Indian Curry Powder may help cure ..

 May 13, 2010 Indian curry powder (or masala) is a spice that is used in most Indian dishes to give it the distinct Indian flavor. It is a blend of the many Indian spices and is sold in powdered form for ..

Laughter, Good for Your Health

 April 27, 2010 Laughter is the best form of medicine. Studies on laughter show that people with a better sense of humor have longer and healthier lives. The data from this study have found that laughter is a form ..

Branding - How To Succeed 5

 January 01, 2010 Brand Management Retail Brands Private Label Private label products and services refer to those that are manufactured or made available by one particular company for use by another company using its ..

Alternatives - How To Succeed 5

 December 29, 2009 ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Conventional Comparison Continued What is alternative medicine? The answer to this conundrum is dependent not only upon the discipline of the protagonists but also on ..

Alternatives - How To Succeed 4

 December 25, 2009 ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Conventional Comparison There is a long standing view held by many medical researchers that rejects the notion of a classification of medicines which proposes that any therapy ..

What Are These Things Called Free Radicals? Are They Free, ..

 November 21, 2009 The “Free Radical" is the source for virtually all disease, illness and aging itself! Science has come a long way on this - further by far than the medical establishment has moved on it. Many ..

What Is a Fraudulent Taheebo Product?

 November 21, 2009 "Taheebo" is the South American name for a tree. It grows in Brazil, Argentina and many other countries. The bark of this tree has been used for centuries by the natives of each of these countries - ..

Do it yourself Solar Panels to help Mother Earth

 September 10, 2009 As the days pass, electricity cost is rising and most of the time, ways of generating electricity are making matters worse for our environment. One great alternative source of electricity is the ..

Alternatives - How To Succeed 3

 June 16, 2009 ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Background: Continued Alternative medicine and Complementary medicine are often thought of as mutually exclusive. Accordingly, the two are usually classified under the general ..

Alternatives - How To Succeed 2

 June 16, 2009 ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Overview Alternative medicine practices may incorporate into their procedures or base themselves on concepts as diverse as traditional medicine, which describes medical ..

Alternatives - How To Succeed

 June 16, 2009 ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Background Alternative medicine may be defined as “any form of healing procedure that is not classified as that of conventional medicine. ” The following represent .

What You Ought to Know About Alternative Treatments For Breast .

 January 07, 2009 Today, many cancer patients are aware of the option to use alternative treatments, for their cancer disease. However, when trying to learn what is the story behind alternative treatments, in order to .

Use Solar Panels For Cheap Green Energy

 December 19, 2008 The rise in CO2 levels and global warming has raised the alarm in the need to look for alternative energy sources that don't leave an environment impact. Even if government policies don't support ..

Is Aloe Vera Really a Nature's Miracle? An Unbiased Review of ..

 October 28, 2008 I am not much of a believer in modern medical science. Every time I go to a doctor, I seem to have some so-called professional telling me what I already happen to know, then billing me an ..

Elder Law - Alternatives to Conservatorship

 October 13, 2008 In a previous article, we presented an overview of two different types of conservatorships that exist in California. This current article explores possible alternatives to avoid the need to establish .

Are Renewable Natural Resources a Good Alternative Energy ..

 September 26, 2008 This is one of the most talked about topics today amidst the rising of energy prices. There are people who are for and against the use of renewable natural resources to replace petroleum fuels and ..

What is the Future of Transportation?

 September 26, 2008 After all the hybrids, electrics, flex fuels, and alternative fueled vehicles have well passed their debut, what will the future of transportation really be? Right now researchers and engineers are ..

Great Venues For Indie Bands In US & Europe - Past & Present

 September 21, 2008 The success of a great night out watching a band depends on the music but a few other factors can impact on the fun as well. The company you are in can make a difference, whether you like a drink or ..

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