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The Assault on Reason by Al Gore

 January 12, 2009 "We live in an age when the thirty-second television spot is the most powerful force shaping the US electorate's thinking, and America is currently in the hands of an administration less interested ..

The Electric Car Crapshoot

 December 15, 2008 Al Gore, Rick Wagoner, Tom Friedman, our President Elect, Barack Obama, and many more celebrities are all heavily favoring and supporting a wholesale changeover from fossil fuel driven cars to ..

Global Warming - The Fallacies

 September 10, 2008 Several issues the global warming crowd keeps trying to cram down our throats just don't add up. They completely ignore the fact that the earth was warmer in the 13th century than it is today, this ..

Renewable Electricity Generation For the Home Or Office

 July 24, 2008 None of us want to give up our computers, TV's, refrigerators, gadgets and all the other electrical things around the house including the lights! This could happen though if we can no longer generate .

The Age of the Millennials A Super Hero Generation

 July 13, 2008 Al Gore said that with the ice caps melting and the seas rising we must become a generation of heroes to save the planet. Who ya gonna call? The Millennials! A Super Hero Generation: In discussing ..

The Truths About Global Warming Lies With the Sun

 July 08, 2008 According to the Paris based International Energy Agency, the world needs to invest $45 trillion in energy in coming decades! Of course this was done by a U. of scientists, which the U. N. ..

Global Warming and Faith

 December 30, 2007 Sex is at the top of all positive human emotions in relationship to being a driving force and passion, which is created in the human. It is followed closely, in that it is a powerful force on your ..

Global Warming Is An Issue, Not A Crusade

 December 19, 2007 The problem with the true believer is that an issue becomes black and white. There is no room for discussion. The true believer is right and if you do not agree with him/her, you are dead wrong. The ..

The Heat is on Peace

 November 05, 2007 This is the first time in world history that the Nobel peace prize goes to scientific cause not for the conventional cause. The Nobel committee chose two very different candidates - al Gore and ..

Idiocy At The Speed of Ludicrous

 July 01, 2007 The internet is a great thing and we should all be thankful to Al Gore for creating it for us. Now, before I get one more email from some numbskull saying that Al Gore never claimed to have invented ..

Al Gore Believes that Democracy Cannot Continue as Long as the .

 June 18, 2007 "Why do reason, logic and truth seem to play a diminished role in the way America now makes important decisions?"- Al Gore 2007 Mr. Gore asks the above question relatively early in his new book which .

Our Environment - Fact or Fiction?

 May 29, 2007 Are we soon to suffer a horrible burning death within the near future? Are the EPA people just psycho-wacko's who should have dated more within their teen years? Does Al Gore truly understand what he .

Another Look at How Global Warming Affects Us

 March 29, 2007 Seems like everywhere you turn these days, someone is offering you their opinion about global warming. Listening to some, you might think it will take place overnight and the entire human race is on ..

Al Gore's Defeat or His Finest Hour?

 February 26, 2007 In December of 2000, Al Gore conceded the election for President of the United States to George W. Bush. I won't go into all that led up to that event or all that followed. That's not what I want to .

Global Craziness

 February 20, 2007 This week—perhaps emboldened by the groundhog predicting an early spring—Old Man Winter came roaring back, blanketing much of the nation with a sheet of ice. In fact, a number of residents of the .

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