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Volunteer Projects Around The World? Can I Help?

 December 13, 2012 Often, when we think of the so-called “third world" countries, Africa pops to mind and the image of poverty, famine and civil war engulfs any positive thought that we may have had beforehand. ..

Gap Years Are The Future For Many

 November 10, 2011 With the rise in university fees, many people are being left behind. They might well be qualified to go to university but stopping them is the fact it costs almost £5000 a year in some ..

Celebrating The Top 3 African Destinations

 November 01, 2011 We are going to look at just why Africa continues to grow in stature as one of the best travel destinations anywhere in the world. We know when people have good experiences, word travels fast and a ..

African business advice by Vladimir Kokorev

 January 20, 2011 1. When somebody tells you “I am a son of the President and I can be a partner in your business”, you should reply: “Thank you, but I am not interested”. Chances are you are ..

Top Tips for Doing Business in Africa by Vladimir Kokorev

 January 20, 2011 1. Do not forget that Africa is not one country – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach The first point to make is that obviously Africa is not one country – but the second .

Vladimir Kokorev Where do The Experts on African Business Come .

 January 20, 2011 Some time ago I, Vladimir Kokorev, came across a list published by Russian Forbes Magazine, of 10 most wanted professions for the next decade. According to that article, one of those top 10 ..

Selous Game Reserve

 August 17, 2010 Selous is Africa’s largest game reserve, it triples the size of the famous Serengeti National Park and doubles South Africa’s Kruger National Park. It is also the equivalent of twice the ..

Amboseli National Park

 August 16, 2010 Amboseli, located 140 Kilometres South of the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, was opened as a wildlife reserve is 1948, after originally being a Masai reserve. The park measures at 392 Kilometres square ..

How to play Gulugufe - the Butterfly Game

 July 12, 2010 Gulugufe is Chitonga for “Butterfly” (the design says it all) and comes from Mozambique. A favourite among the women in Mozambique, Gulugufe is a two player abstract strategy board game ..

Saving Up to Get Away

 February 11, 2010 Gap years are enjoying increased popularity, but while many people dream to take a year off and travel the world, not everyone can afford to take such a massive trip. However, the price of a round ..

Las Madres (The Mothers) - an excerpt from FREE e-book Ripples .

 January 14, 2010 Maggie McCombs is the first person to admit her intentions were not saintly when she sought out the Global Volunteer Network orphanage program. In fact she didn’t really even want to go to El ..

Homecoming in a foreign land – an excerpt from FREE e-book, ..

 December 18, 2009 Josh turned over another plastic toy is his hand and decided to sleep on whether he could bear to part with it. In the morning, it was still there, proudly on top of the pile like a Christmas tree ..

Take a Walk on the Wild Side with an African Safari

 November 02, 2009 Cited as the second largest continent in the world after Asia, Africa is as diverse a place as they come. Filled with a tangle of thick tropical jungle, dusty deserts and a host of seemingly endless ..

Venture Out Into The Wild With An African Safari

 September 22, 2009 With a climate ranging from the tropical to the sub arctic, Africa is one of the most diverse continents, as well as the second largest, in the world. Boasting desert lands and dusty plains to the ..

Follow in the Footsteps of Great Explorers and Archaeologists

 March 31, 2009 Thousands of viewers were glued to their TV screens to watch the celebrities take up the challenge of Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief 2009. Famous names such as Gary Barlow, Fearne Cotton, Chris ..

Politics in Modern Africa

 January 19, 2009 Africa is a mosaic of natural wonder, cultural richness, and sundry ecological features; nonetheless, it stands out as one of the poorest and least stable continents. Because of divisive European ..

Tips For Taking Photographs at Victoria Falls

 January 15, 2009 Victoria Falls is undeniably a photographer's paradise. Every which way you look your eyes feast on breathtaking scenery. The problem is that our eyes take in the whole spectacle with ease, but to ..

Discover Sea Fishing in Africa

 December 09, 2008 In the recent past, there has been an exponential rise in the number of people getting booked on sea fishing holidays in Africa. There is a number of probable reasons for this increasing popularity ..

The Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene

 October 23, 2008 Over forty years ago a new English teacher at my school answered a question asked by an eager student. The question was, “What do you think is the greatest novel written in English?" He didn't ..

Mauritius - A Slice of Heaven on Earth

 October 15, 2008 The small but beautiful island of Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of the larger island of Madagascar, ideally placed to take advantage of trade with both Africa and ..

Nigeria is Set to Take Over the World

 September 26, 2008 Nigeria is located in Western Africa on the Gulf of Guinea with a total area of 923,768 Km2 making it the world's 32nd-largest country after Tanzania. It is about twice the size of California. It ..

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Drive Compact

 September 18, 2008 As the global problem with the scarcity of fossil fuels runs deeper with each passing day, prices of oil and its by-products soar to levels that burn holes right through consumers’ pockets. ..

Botswana's Thriving National Parks

 September 14, 2008 Visitors considering something a little different to the usual Okavango Delta safari circuit will be excited to learn about Leroo La Tau Lodge which has recently been completely renovated, and the ..

Walking Safaris Are Popular With Travelers After the Highest ..

 September 13, 2008 There is a certain quality, a certain mystique to the landscapes and the magnificent wildlife found in Africa that simply draws people to that wonderful land. Many people have long-standing dreams of .

One You Can Expect From an Luxury Safari Vacation

 September 10, 2008 Most people never have the opportunity to experience an authentic African safari and for most people who do have the chance it is usually a once in a lifetime experience. When most people think about .

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