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Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Resources For Drug ..

 October 03, 2008 There does not have to be a chasm between a Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center program approach to drug addiction and a medical or scientific approach to addiction recovery. A medical approach ..

God, As We Understand Him - So What?

 August 22, 2008 While introducing the 12-Step process to drug addiction patients, I often see bristling when we come to the mention of God. They get that certain look on their faces; the one that says the door is ..

On Medical Marijuana

 August 15, 2008 Over the years I have read a lot about the pros and cons of medical marijuana, and from time-to-time there is a piece on the news about it, usually profiling somebody who is in trouble with the law. ..

A Family Affair - Why Was John Using Drugs

 August 15, 2008 The family was worried about “John" after discovering that he has been using drugs. They didn't know what drugs he was using at first, and they didn't know how often he was using, but they knew .

Let Go and Let God Now

 August 05, 2008 Many in 12-step programs believe that letting go and letting God means giving up ways of the past. That's just one interpretation. After we've admitted being powerless over “something", we've ..

Drug induced Enlightenment

 July 24, 2008 I remember the 1960's, those years when America transitioned from “Leave It To Beaver" to Hippies, from being earthbound to walking on the moon. We banned prayer from public schools, escalated ..

Nothing Glamorous About Using Drugs

 July 24, 2008 "Candice" never saw herself as a criminal, just somebody “doing what she had to do. " In a seemingly endless succession of measures to take the “edge" off of life, Candice tried to hold ..

All of a Sudden, it Was There

 July 10, 2008 "Hal" and I have been friends for years, but through a professional connection, so we check in every once in a while. It's been a few years since we've worked together, so it's only a couple of times .

Drying Out is Not Enough

 July 10, 2008 Getting sober is not the only answer to alcohol abuse or alcoholism. I say that because people think that as long as somebody isn't drunk, they're sober. The idea of a dry drunk is hard to get your ..

You Need, I Take

 July 10, 2008 "Cynthia" never thought life was going to get so absurd, to the point where she felt like a prisoner in her own house. For over 20 years she has been living with an addictive husband. She spoke of ..

A Very Close Call

 July 03, 2008 During group discussions we have often talked about spiritual experiences. Everybody is different, so people have different ideas about what a spiritual experience even is, from perhaps sensing ..

Cant Let Go, Cant Get Help

 July 03, 2008 "Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. " Step 3 of the 12-Step process offers so many people so much difficulty. I call it the “G" word, ..

Get Sick to Feel Better

 July 03, 2008 Swirling within the seemingly endless spiral of alcoholism is a person out of control. “Darci" understands the helplessness of being caught in the grips of addiction and knows that without help .

12 Step Quotes and Sayings XV

 June 30, 2008 "The monkey may be off my back, but the circus hasn't left town yet. " Once I had about 6 months of recovery, I began to feel as if my addiction was finally beginning to be manageable - I didn't ..

12 Step Quotes and Sayings XIII

 June 29, 2008 "If you don't like what you hear at a meeting, then say what you need to hear. " At a question and answer meeting I attend, I often hear questions and comments from people who either don't enjoy ..

12 Step Quotes and Sayings XII

 June 29, 2008 "There are only two times when you should go to a meeting - when you feel like going, and when you don't feel like going. " It's hard living with a disease that tells me I don't have it. When I'm in ..

12 Step Quotes and Sayings XIV

 June 29, 2008 "Listen for the similarities not the differences. " I was given this suggestion right before my first ever meeting, and not only did it allow me to pay closer attention, but it also helped me to ..

26 Words to Wellness

 June 18, 2008 Never were there more true words to live by. If the world simply lived by the serenity prayer, it would be a perfect place. Now, first, let's make this prayer more user-friendly to all - regardless ..

Two More Of The Six Secrets Ex-Drinkers Know That 12-Step ..

 May 18, 2008 Secret # 3 - It's Dumb To Wait To “Hit Bottom"! Everyone's told you that you have to “hit bottom" before you'll be ready to recover. Do you actually want to wait until after you've lost ..

Two Of The Six Secrets Ex-Drinkers Know & 12 Step Programs ..

 May 17, 2008 AA/12-Step based programs, 98% of US treatment programs, are based on premises that both research and experience indicate are not only unfounded, but actually prevent you from getting over your ..

Humor Makes Its Point

 May 11, 2008 When going through the 12-Steps with clients for the first time, it's easy to get caught up in the medical aspects of drug abuse, the social aspects of addiction, the debate over whether or not God ..

Creating Personal & Spiritual Transformation - Going Beyond ..

 May 11, 2008 The World Is Your Mirror (Part 2 of 2) As I challenged my thoughts and feelings about upsetting personal events, I truly came to realize that the outer incidents that trigger these reactions in me ..

Creating Transformation Beyond Affirmations And Ego - A Quick ..

 May 09, 2008 Starting from the premise that the world is our mirror, this resource guide combines the principles of Byron Katie, Don Miguel Ruiz, Abraham, and others into one easy reference. It makes a great ..

Creating Personal & Spiritual Transformation - Going Beyond ..

 May 09, 2008 The World Is Your Mirror (Part 1 of 2) In the movie, “Stuart Saves His Family, " comedian Al Franken plays Stuart Smalley, a child of dysfunctional parents and a frequent attendee of 12-step ..

12 Step Quotes and Sayings, XIV

 March 31, 2008 “There are no victims, only volunteers - you always have a choice. " This was a tough lesson to learn. When I was new to Al-Anon, I was a victim to so many people and situations, that I was ..

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