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William Post

The author specializes in IT and hospitality management and has various outdoors interests. More ideas on sunglasses and cases are available here :

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Wrinkle Free Suits for a Perfect Fit

This may come as a surprise to many, yet wrinkle free suits do not have to be made of the latest Gore-Tex or some other polyester derivative to remain in good shape and preserve looks. An all ..
(November 02, 2011)
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 | Self-Improvement/Empowerment | Visitors: 304

A Guide to Efficient Recycling

One could expect that this article will list the newest and most sophisticated technology trends in recycling, incineration or curbside collection. Instead, it will show in a few simple statements ..
(August 29, 2011)
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 | News/Energy | Visitors: 314

Where is a Cardboard Shipping Box When You Need it?

Cardboard boxes can be annoying and often present themselves as obstacle courses around hallways, tight areas, storage premises, fire emergency exits and any other empty space. They are abundantly ..
(July 29, 2011)
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 | Home-Improvement | Visitors: 201

Cardboard Boxes and Polyvinyl Chloride

While cardboard boxes are not made of PVC the paths of these two cross rather often. Their common denominator is the shipping and packaging industry. Many products come in clamshell packaging or ..
(June 25, 2011)
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 | News/Energy | Visitors: 398

Packing Tape, Polystyrene Sheets and Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes are solid cardboard boxes which are designed for packing and shipping items. Cardboard is a material which really caught on in the 1900s after the turn of the century. This time frame ..
(May 30, 2011)
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 | News/Energy | Visitors: 296

Business Implications of Cardboard Boxes

Many businesses have become completely dependent or cardboard boxes and a large number of diverse paper products. This is somewhat unusual in the modern life nowadays where more and more documents ..
(May 16, 2011)
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 | News/Energy | Visitors: 259

Large Shipping Boxes

Large shipping boxes are extremely durable and handy means of transporting goods to customers, friends and other businesses or parties an enterprise might partner with on regular or occasional basis. .
(May 04, 2011)
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 | News/Energy | Visitors: 250

Do Small Cardboard Boxes Protect Personal Information?

Small cardboard boxes are major and widespread storage containers for letters, credit card statements and all other formal and informal communication in writing. People who travel a lot might find ..
(April 21, 2011)
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 | Self-Improvement/Organizing | Visitors: 284

Cardboard Boxes Are Industrial Drivers

Often cardboard boxes are looked down upon and considered useless piles just taking up space in walkways and office space passages. Cardboard boxes are made of corrugated fiberboard which was ..
(April 16, 2011)
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 | News/Energy | Visitors: 334

Uniqueness of Small Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes in general have quietly taken a solid and focal spot in modern economies. Their position and commercial significance is almost impalpable since they are so widespread and ..
(April 14, 2011)
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 | News/Energy | Visitors: 353

Small Cardboard Boxes

Small cardboard boxes are an excellent tool and storage device. Their uniqueness comes from the fact that they can contain items and at the same time be stored within a larger box allowing for ..
(April 12, 2011)
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 | News/Energy | Visitors: 283

Polystyrene and Environmental Concerns

Polystyrene is a polymerized styrene resin. It is a viscous carbohydrate extracted by monomer styrene. It is derived from crude oil and it is one of the most commercially significant plastics in use ..
(March 18, 2011)
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 | News/Energy | Visitors: 310

Plastic Recycling and Large Cardboard Boxes

When does recycling plastics make sense? Correct answer should be – always! Yet, there are factors such as economics, waste management, materials recycling facilities, government subsidies on ..
(December 05, 2010)
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 | Shopping-and-Product-Reviews | Visitors: 184

Packing Tape and Its Significance in Best Shipping Practices ..

Packing tape is essential for a well-prepared shipment to a customer, friend or family member. In a way, packing tape bridges the gap between a raw cardboard box and a ready shipment. While there are .
(November 28, 2010)
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 | Shopping-and-Product-Reviews | Visitors: 191

Unusual Usage of Small Cardboard Boxes and Their Building ..

Cardboard boxes are generally a sandwich of linerboard and flutes. The proper name is corrugated fiberboard. Both linerboard and flutes are manufactured from containerboard – a type of heavy ..
(November 07, 2010)
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 | Shopping-and-Product-Reviews | Visitors: 169

Four Reasons to Re-evaluate Product Packaging

In their effort to improve business agility and sustainability, enterprises are finding newer and alternative ways to improve competitiveness, cost control and preserve or grow customer recognition ..
(November 06, 2010)
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 | Shopping-and-Product-Reviews | Visitors: 153

Paperboard and Small Cardboard Boxes

Paperboard is thicker paper with average weight of 224 grams per square meter. It can also be seen as boxboard or when used for manufacturing of corrugated fiberboard it is often referred to as ..
(September 25, 2010)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online | Visitors: 245

Large Shipping Boxes – How to Ship Best

A large shipping box is designed and manufactured to withstand goods, cargo, freight etc. , shipping and handling. Boxes can be made of cardboard (corrugated fiberboard), plastic, fiberglass or ..
(September 02, 2010)
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 | Travel-and-Leisure | Visitors: 228

Sun Protection Basics – Clothing, Sunglasses and Sunscreen

The human skin is exposed to a lot of factors such as sun, dirt, hard water etc. whose health impact may have various long-term implications and lead to irritations or skin cancer. Maintaining ..
(August 07, 2010)
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 | Shopping-and-Product-Reviews | Visitors: 311