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How to Create Your Life One Day at a Time

Our lives consist of our daily events and experiences strung together from the day we were born to the day we die. So the best way to create our ideal lives is to live each day in the best possible ..
(February 25, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Spirituality | Visitors: 531

3 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Mindfulness in Life

The modern lifestyle is too stressful, too rushed and too distracting for the senses. It is unhealthy for the body, for relationships and for the spirit. If we are to regain control over our lives, ..
(March 04, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Spirituality | Visitors: 195

5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Coach

I have been running regular Personal Transformation and the Law of Attraction workshops but only recently have I considered becoming a personal coach. This thought came about because of a request by ..
(March 31, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Coaching | Visitors: 267

How Beliefs Work

A belief is merely a perception of reality. The ancient spiritual teachers taught us that there are two types of truths - absolute truth and relative truth. We live in a universe where everything ..
(April 10, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement | Visitors: 258

From Fear to Love

We are increasingly living in a fear-based society where national policies are motivated by fear. We have fear of terrorism and lately fear of recession. Individually, we are also increasingly living .
(April 21, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Spirituality | Visitors: 188

Fear and the Self

One of the keys to personal transformation is self knowledge. The ancient sages exhort us to “know thyself". Indeed, this is the whole purpose of a spiritual practice. Looking inward is all one .
(May 12, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Spirituality | Visitors: 245

4 Good Reasons to Forgive

Much has been said about the virtues of forgiveness, yet many today who need to forgive are unable or unwilling to do so. This is mainly due to the wrong understanding of what forgiveness is. Most ..
(July 28, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement | Visitors: 662

The Incredible Power of Intention in Manifesting

A lot has been said about the power of intention, yet many still do not get its true significance. This article is written with the intention (no pun intended) to clarify by looking at the mental ..
(March 20, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Attraction | Visitors: 694