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Resistance is Futile - Not Using Social Media Might Kill You

Chris Brogan, a blogger I find to be quite astute when it comes to observing social media and its role in society and business, wrote a post called “Bridge Strategies for Social Media Adoption. .
(December 16, 2007)
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Giving Gifts is Good Marketing

Now that we've officially crossed the threshold of Thanksgiving, it's officially time to panic. Christmas is just right around the corner! The end of the year tends to be chaotic as businesses try to .
(December 09, 2007)
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Take Your Ads for a Spin

Advertising can be mundane, but it doesn't have to be. Now and then I come across an ad that just makes me stop and admire it. For example, there was a series of Parisian Heinz Ketchup ads that ..
(August 26, 2007)
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Step Away From Your Business - Why Sometimes You're Not the ..

As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats. If you’re like me, you handle sales, billing, accounts payable, marketing AND the product (in my case, writing). Why do we do this? Partially because we ..
(August 05, 2007)
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Get All Up in the Mix

I have an MBA, so of course I can rattle off the elements of marketing mix. Okay, I lied. Let me drag my marketing book out from under the futon, rescuing it from rabid dustbunnies. To the very ..
(June 24, 2007)
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What's Your Square Plate? How Differentiation Can Save Your ..

On a road trip recently, my family stopped at a Ruby Tuesday restaurant. I don't have any particularly strong affiliation to the restaurant. To me, it's a lot like Chili's and Applebee's. A good ..
(June 18, 2007)
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Join the Web 2.0 Revolution! How Your Business Can Benefit ..

So you’ve heard of Web 2.0, but you’re not sure what it is. Do you need to install it? Nope. Web 2.0 is what you’re using right now to read this blog. It’s the interactive ..
(June 10, 2007)
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Working From Home - All It's Cracked Up to Be and More

I recently was interviewed about my home based business for a local news program. I realize how many people are probably envious that I get to work from my home. I wish I could say it’s not as ..
(May 08, 2007)
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