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Solar Water Heating For Your Home

When choosing solar panels for use in the home you have a few options. The first being the classic photovoltaic or PV solar panels these convert sunlight directly to electricity. Although on paper ..
(July 02, 2008)
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 | Home-Improvement/Energy-Efficiency | Visitors: 300

Cold Calling Can Be Frightening

Business is a lot about communication and less about doing what you do. If we could just do our business whatever that may be; without worrying about getting new business we would all be rich. ..
(April 06, 2008)
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 | Business/Sales-Teleselling | Visitors: 408

Using Your Business Card Effectively

The humble business card is a traditional tool of the businessman or businesswoman. We have been educated to know, that without one, we are not part of a proper business. How many people just give ..
(April 06, 2008)
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 | Business/Marketing | Visitors: 195

W960i The New Kid On The Block From Sony Ericsson

W960i The new Sony Eriksson with its retro feel, much reminiscent of the W850 And W950. Its large display and a good sized keypad make it easy to use. The feel in the hand is remarkably light not ..
(January 30, 2008)
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 | Communications/Mobile-Cell-Phone | Visitors: 133

Getting In Shape The Easy Way, In Autumn And Winter

In the past, I would look into the mirror and staring back at me would be someone who didn’t look like I saw myself, he was fatter and not as toned as me (my mental image of myself). When I got .
(September 05, 2007)
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 | Health-and-Fitness | Visitors: 207

Watch Water Resistance Explained

All is not what it seems with watch water resistance, you will not find a watch that claims to be waterproof. This is because no watch can be guaranteed totally waterproof. The different levels of ..
(September 01, 2007)
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 | Shopping-and-Product-Reviews | Visitors: 141

Buying a High Definition Television

If you have a cash tree in your back garden choosing a HD TV is easy pick the biggest and most expensive and your bound to be on to a winner right. Well I don’t know about you, but my money ..
(August 29, 2007)
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 | Computers-and-Technology | Visitors: 193

Battle Of The Hd Formats

We are all asking the same question who will win the HD format war, will it be the HD DVD which is cheaper to produce but lacks the capacity of the more expensive but larger Blu Ray Disks. Blu-ray ..
(August 28, 2007)
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 | Computers-and-Technology/Personal-Tech | Visitors: 131

PS3 Xbox 360 Or Wii

Do you own a Ps3, Xbox 360 or a WII, what made you buy your console? Was it the technical specifications or did someone tell you theirs was so fantastic that you just had to join in the fun. Now I ..
(August 28, 2007)
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 | Computers-and-Technology/Games | Visitors: 146

Choosing a Washing Machine

Cheap or not so cheap Many modern washing machines are cheap to acquire, many manufactures take the notion of build them cheap sell them quick, often the build quality is of a poor standard, often ..
(August 22, 2007)
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 | Shopping-and-Product-Reviews | Visitors: 182

Finding The Best Digital Camera For You

Every month, a different manufacturers comes up with the new “latest must have digital camera" this must have piece of digital photographic wizardry specifically designed to wrestle us from our .
(August 20, 2007)
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 | Shopping-and-Product-Reviews | Visitors: 159

How to Shop For Diamonds

How do we measure diamonds? We measure diamonds using the term carat; this term comes from the word carob. A carob is a bean grown in the Mediterranean, if the stone weight was the same as one carob ..
(August 16, 2007)
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 | Shopping-and-Product-Reviews/Jewelry-Diamonds | Visitors: 151