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How to stop a marriage from failing?

The wake of 20th century has witnessed much technological advancement, and the 21st century has simplified it even further, as one can customize into fit into their needs. The conventional ..
(December 02, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 422

Better time management ensures a blissful wedding life

Who wouldn’t disagree with these proverbs, Time and time tide wait for none and a stitch in time saves nine. These saying may have been told many eons ago where the life was still in a snail ..
(November 25, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 269

Wedding "Adds wings to your dreams"

The topic certainly would make people sceptical, as the present generation youths who go around, across the city, states and countries in search of realizing their goals find it very hard to ..
(November 08, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 360

Sacrifice and Salvation a marriage of sorts

Christianity-the word by itself has the preamble of Jesus Christ. Those who follow the preaching of Jesus the Christ are called Christians and the religious faith is known as Christianity. This wide ..
(October 17, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 313

You two on the first trip together

Safety during honeymoon would be the foremost priority for a newly married couple, as the time has come for the long planned and deeply dreamt, twosome outing. The days that’ll linger in the ..
(October 01, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 4656

Being strong matters when it comes to marriage

Today, due to the impact of television, and confluence of various mediums an alien thought have been ingrained in Tamil society that is being size zero is beautiful. What is actually a size zero ..
(September 04, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 209

In the mélange of Indian culture, the Brahmins are considered .

Brahmins are one of the prospering communities which have its origins from time-immemorial. The oldest of the reference about Brahmin community was found in the Vedas as the community holds the ..
(February 08, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 262

Ringing in the new dawn with the glittering token of love

Wedding ring is a good old tradition of marriage wear-in identity followed in many countries and religions like Hinduism and Christianity, as it marks the beginning of a bride and groom becoming man ..
(January 30, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 198

Make it Up to be the best of yourself on the momentous day of ..

Every girl wishes to look at her best on her marriage day. Be it in a Hindu, Christian, Muslim religious sect or be it in any of Indian and Tamil speaking communities. The bridal make up is one of ..
(January 24, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 344

Mangalsutra- The ultimate martial wear-in identity

Mangalsutra is a sacred ornament-the thread that symbolizes the matrimonial bond and it is actually a token of dignity and love given to a bride by her groom. Mangalsutra remains tied on the ..
(January 21, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 277

Adding more glister to the blissful marriage with Mehandi

People belonging to different religions like Hindu, Christian, Muslim and various communities have adopted Mehandi as a beautifying factor, conditioner and dye for hair by both men and women. In ..
(January 21, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 218

An Arrival and a Departure

The arrival of New Year is always considered as a watershed moment in everyone’s life. To a married family man it creates a deeper impact as he takes stock of what has gone by and what has to ..
(January 17, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 221

Finding Your Life Partners by Chennai Matrimonial Websites

Chennai Matrimonial Websites are thought-about one amongst the best ways that to fulfill new folks on-line. On-line matchmaking methodology may be new thanks to discover a lover in life. those that ..
(January 10, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 206

Go online to find your life partner in line with your ..

Wedding is all about two unknown people joining hands in a grandeur marriage ceremony to tread further in the life’s journey happily together. It is a life changing decision to choose the best ..
(January 08, 2013)
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 | Relationships/Marriage-Wedding | Visitors: 261