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Dating Tips Can He Be a Diamond in the Ruff Or Just a Lump of ..

Hey ladies, you recently met a new man, he's got a little bad boy in him but not enough to make you head for the hills. He is nice enough but something in you makes you hesitant about him. How do you .
(July 05, 2008)
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 | Relationships/Dating | Visitors: 683

Schools of Thought in a Thought Universe 4 Methods of Mind

As we head steadfast to the year 2012, the age of aquarius or age of awareness, I notice the blend of science and spirituality becoming more apparent in mainstream society. Media outlets geared ..
(July 29, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Spirituality | Visitors: 257

Law of Attraction - Use Your Inner Gifts to Unleash Your Mind ..

The secret to attracting success, money and friends is to unleash your mind power through self-talk by telling yourself that you will think positive and find ways to feel good. Our mind absorbs many .
(July 16, 2007)
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 | Self-Improvement/Attraction | Visitors: 149

Personal Security - Help! My Wallet Was Just Stolen

You are out enjoying your day, then go to reach for your wallet to make a purchase and realize it's just been stolen. After you make absolutely sure it has not been misplaced, what do you do? Losing ..
(June 27, 2007)
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 | Legal/Identity-Theft | Visitors: 189

Father's Day Holiday - 10 Commandments For An Absentee Father

The look of the family has changed over the last few decades. Old stereotypes of “broken homes" are slowly falling away. With statistics stating that half of all marriages end in divorce, ..
(June 14, 2007)
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 | Home-and-Family/Parenting | Visitors: 141

Mother's Day - Should You Send a Card to Your Baby's Momma?

I cannot believe it's May already. So we all know what that means, time for Mother's Day to roll around again. Buying a gift and sending a card to your own mother goes without saying. But how about ..
(May 04, 2007)
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 | Home-and-Family | Visitors: 408

Memorial Day Holiday - Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader ?

Memorial Day quickly approaches as we slide into the home stretch of May. But what do you really know about the Memorial Day Holiday, which should not to be confused with Veterans Day? All I know is ..
(May 16, 2007)
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 | Home-and-Family | Visitors: 226

Sisterlocks - Keeping it Natural Not Nappy Headed

Hairstyles come and go. Over the decades we have seen big hair, flat hair and moussed hair. Our hairstyles have been fried, dyed and slicked to the side. What does it take for an African American ..
(May 21, 2007)
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 | Health-and-Fitness | Visitors: 459

Life After - The Secret - Easy Living in 3 Simple Steps

So, by now you’ve watched phenomenal DVD “The Secret”. You’re inspired, feeling intensely hopeful, running around sharing it with everyone you know. Some of who “get ..
(March 17, 2007)
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 | Self-Improvement | Visitors: 227