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American Diet - More Processed Foods, Less Natural Foods

The impact of refinement and food processing is a nutritionally poor diet. Changes in our food habits took place over history, more so in the past 100 years. Processing has now become wide spread. ..
(June 14, 2007)
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Tips To Improve Treadmill Workouts

Your home treadmill should be a source for cardiovascular fitness and fat loss, not another place to hang your clothes. If your treadmill is lonely and gathering dust, this article will help you to ..
(March 01, 2007)
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No Fat Left Behind

As a rich society, we are well fed, spoilt and overweight. There is a strong link between American culture and the fact that America is the most overweight country in the world. America's system of ..
(May 28, 2007)
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Feeding Kids The Right Way

Many people's feelings about food were instilled as children. We learn good and bad food habits from our parents and friends as we grow up, and these habits shape the rest of our lives. Although ..
(May 29, 2007)
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Keep It Different Each Time

The simplest and most effective strategy to trigger weight loss is exercise variation, especially with fat burning cardiovascular exercise and equipment. These tips will help you get back on track ..
(April 01, 2007)
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Shorter Workouts Are Better Workouts

The age-old theory of staying in the gym for 45 minutes or more is being challenged, with a new theory that suggests you get in and out of the gym in 30 minutes or less. This is an interesting and ..
(March 31, 2007)
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Diet for Kids

Let's get this straight, kids should not diet! They should play, burn calories and replenish them with good nutrition. It's only when children eat too many sugars (and too many calories) and then do ..
(January 23, 2007)
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Super Fast Weight Loss

As a personal trainer, my main goal is to help clients get results as fast as possible. Individuals drop out when they don't see results, or if they have to work way too hard for perceptible change. .
(January 16, 2007)
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The Right Diet To Improve A Workout

It's hard to exercise with a busy work schedule. When you are in the gym, it hard to push your body to get the results you need. By eating smart, you can feel positively explosive for your next ..
(January 02, 2007)
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