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The Basics of Three Phase Induction Motors

An electric motor is a device that converts one form of energy into another – electrical to mechanical. This mechanical energy is used to operate different types of loads. Motors can be made to .
(June 30, 2012)
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 | Business/Industrial-Mechanical | Visitors: 195

Things You Should Know Before Applying For a Visa in India

Travelling abroad is being a dream for the young and the old. People travel out of India for different reasons. It may be for work, business trips, or simply holiday. Work related travel is however, ..
(June 29, 2012)
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 | Travel-and-Leisure/Airline-Travel | Visitors: 136

Restoring and Preserving Old Photographs

There is a very common saying that reads, “A picture is worth a thousand words"! Such invaluable photographs truly capture a moment in time and using appropriate techniques can help you ..
(June 28, 2012)
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 | Arts-and-Entertainment/Photography | Visitors: 176

Photo Restoration – An Art for Restoring Memories

What is Photo Restoration? Photo restoration is a type of image manipulation technique used for restoring photographs that have been damaged due to ageing, water, improper storage, poor handling ..
(June 04, 2012)
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 | Arts-and-Entertainment/Photography | Visitors: 186

Checking for energy efficiency in motors

Energy efficiency in motors inevitably is decided by your investment. In other words, efficiency is equal to cost but the investment will be repaid as savings in energy. Most of the industrialists ..
(May 02, 2012)
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 | Business/Industrial-Mechanical | Visitors: 227

Choosing the Right Motor for Your Application

Traditionally, automation manufacturing and motion control were rarely considered as rapid growth and fast-paced industries. The recent mayhem and increase of attention to the aspect of motor ..
(April 16, 2012)
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 | Business/Industrial-Mechanical | Visitors: 238

Difference between three phase and single phase induction ..

A single phase induction motors connected to an alternating current does not produce a revolving magnetic field as this needs additional circuits for starting whereas in a three-phase induction ..
(March 31, 2012)
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 | Business/Industrial-Mechanical | Visitors: 640

Wedding Photo Editing Ideas & Tips

Are you ready to walk down the aisle with your loved one? Also, prepare to capture this memorable moment not only in your heart, but also even in your wedding album. To make your wedding photos ..
(March 21, 2012)
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 | Arts-and-Entertainment/Photography | Visitors: 204

Different Styles Of Pop Art

Pop art portraits are fascinating pieces of art that are bright and energetic. Pop art effects on your photographs are modernistic, yet with a characteristic touch of minimalism. Its categorical ..
(February 22, 2012)
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 | Arts-and-Entertainment/Photography | Visitors: 182

Advantages of Three Phase Motors Over Single Phase

Most electric motors are used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, though some are utilized for production of force. Available in different shapes and sizes, they are found in various .
(December 16, 2011)
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 | Business/Industrial-Mechanical | Visitors: 1229