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Hyper Inflationary Dollars - Chasing A Shrinking Gold Supply

To get this disturbing concept into your brain, think of a shark frenzy. At first, there's this one shark chewing on a freshly killed tuna. Smelling the blood, a bunch of other sharks immediately ..
(January 21, 2009)
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Obama and Gold

Gold investors are peculiar creatures. Cagey, alert, a bit suspicious, they always have a foot in the door no matter how good the room looks. If not actual history buffs, they have a solid ..
(November 16, 2008)
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The Disconnect Between Raging Gold Demand and Yawning Gold ..

Something's off. Something doesn't make sense. On the one hand, you have rampaging gold demand, manic gold buying, an interest in the investment so intense that shortages of the precious metal are ..
(October 19, 2008)
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Son of Stagflation - How Gold Can Help You Defeat This 21st ..

Times sure have gotten complicated. Used to be the reason the economy turned sour was because of too much deflation. Or too much inflation. Comparatively speaking, these two have always been ..
(September 02, 2008)
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$1.14 Quadrillion in Derivatives What it Means For Gold

Quadrillion? That's a number only astronomers use, right? You know. . . as in the North Star is “just" a couple of quadrillion miles away? But, ominously enough, Earth's economists are actually .
(June 16, 2008)
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$5,000 Gold and the Next Inflation Tsunami

It's not like you have to climb some mountain and squint out over the horizon. They aren't hard to see. In fact, they're already at the pump and supermarket, staring you in the face without any ..
(June 26, 2008)
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Todays Top Ten List Why the Prospect of Another Depression ..

We all enjoy laughing at David Letterman's top ten lists. Sorry to say that the following list on our woeful economy won't provide you much of a chuckle, though. Evidence is mounting that things ..
(July 20, 2008)
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Why Washingtons Privatizing Profits Socializing Losses Policy ..

Since when has American business worked with a net? Since now, apparently. Our entire free enterprise system, both sides of that coin, always represented the chance to succeed beyond our wildest ..
(July 29, 2008)
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Surviving All Those Perfect Storm Cliches With Precious Metals

The perfect storm this. The perfect storm that. The cliché is getting tossed around about as much as those old-time favorites, “uphill struggle, " “right on the money, " “you can ..
(July 10, 2008)
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Will There be Enough Gold When the Gold Rush Really Hits?

It's that old supply-and-demand issue. When everyone wants something-say, Hanna Montana tickets-its price can go right through the roof. And though Ms. Montana's glittering performance may not ..
(April 10, 2008)
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If the Domino's Start Toppling in 2008 - A Scenario for Gold, ..

Concerned investors are, shall we say, paying close attention to 2008 scenarios and the domino effect the home mortgage mess may have on stocks, toppling real estate, gold and the economy in general. .
(December 09, 2007)
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