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How to Avoid Getting in Fights at Concerts

Have you ever been aggressively hassled by other people while out in public, shopping, or at a concert? You study martial arts, to avoid getting picked on, but it's not enough. You seem to attract ..
(December 10, 2008)
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The Best Martial Arts

Did you know that by reading this article you are taking your martial arts learning into your own hands. You are doing something that 90% of the martial artists won't take the time to do. The ..
(November 11, 2008)
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Faster Kicks and Punches

Beginning, Intermediate, and even advanced martial artists write to me asking how to make their defensive hits and kicks faster. They want to add speed when they have to respond to the situation. ..
(October 28, 2008)
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Speed - Getting Faster in the Martial Arts

In martial arts schools, most students practice the same martial-arts techniques for getting faster and developing raw speed. Unfortunately, they really are practicing the same exercises and drills. ..
(September 21, 2008)
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Chuck Norris Winds Up and Why You Shouldn't

Are action movies and shows close to reality when comparing martial arts fights? When you see Chuck Norris haul off and kick and punch someone on the screen, do you wonder how close to reality the ..
(September 23, 2008)
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Develop Speed Punches - Muscle Fatigue Training

There are many reasons why martial artists have problems hitting their opponents. One reason is the lack of punch speed. Muscle fatiguing is one way to improve your punch speed. Here's how . . . ..
(February 18, 2008)
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Jackie Chan Exercise -- The Good Kind of Over Training

How did Jackie Chan train when learning martial arts? One piece of Jackie Chan's biography struck a chord: As a kid, Jackie Chan had to balance on one foot for an hour at a time. . . Now, it's ..
(June 27, 2007)
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Joint Locking

Being a martial artist means being able to handle self-defense situations in an efficient manner. You practice, to gain skill. Many intermediate martial artists believe they can rely on just one or ..
(May 08, 2007)
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