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Karen Anne

Karen Anne, has been working and studying the foreclosures market, helping buyers.


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Huge Charge Against Ally After Foreclosure Settlement

Ally Financial Inc. is a renowned name among the leading mortgage servicing companies in the United States. The representatives of this agency and the federal officers of different states discussed ..
(February 28, 2012)
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Six Unauthorized Companies Sued by Attorneys in Nevada

Attorney Shawn Christopher from Henderson and Attorney Nicholas Boylan from San Diego declared that they will be suing six unauthorized companies which have been handling foreclosure cases in Nevada. .
(February 27, 2012)
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 | Real-Estate/Foreclosures | Visitors: 323

Monmouth County Homeowners Will Get Free Review for ..

It has been announced from the Office of Consumer Affairs in Monmouth County that the homeowners of the area whose properties were foreclosed in the span of 2009-10 will be called for independent ..
(February 23, 2012)
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Typographical Error on Legal Deed Creates Harassment for a ..

Rick Borchers and his wife, Barbara sold their property and made their full mortgage payment eight years earlier. But suddenly, after so many years, Bank of America has filed a foreclosure case on ..
(January 24, 2012)
 | Real-Estate/Foreclosures | Visitors: 472

Attorneys General and the Five Mega Banks it is Apprehended ..

The housing segment of the economy has been lying prone but there are hopes that 2012 will see some improvement. Number of new houses that will start could go up by nearly 20% but even then compared ..
(January 19, 2012)
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Second Highest Foreclosure Numbers in Eagle County in 2011

In 2011, Eagle County posted a huge number of foreclosures which is recorded as the second highest foreclosure figures since the beginning of the foreclosure crisis. Chief Deputy of public trustee, ..
(January 17, 2012)
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 | Real-Estate/Foreclosures | Visitors: 386

Rhode Island Still Posting Higher Foreclosure Rates

Recently, a report has been issued from the National Association of Real Estate Editors where it has been stated that Rhode Island occupies the 21st position for places with the highest rate of ..
(January 12, 2012)
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Steep Decline in Postings of Commercial Foreclosure in Denton ..

Last Thursday, Addison based Foreclosure Listing Service Inc. has come up with its latest report which showed that in the last six years, this is the first instance when the number of postings of ..
(January 10, 2012)
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Drop in Defaults on Credit Cards and in Foreclosure in York ..

The year ending records of some of the agencies have reported that the number of people losing their properties due to foreclosure in York County has moved down a lot and fewer people are also ..
(January 05, 2012)
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 | Real-Estate/Foreclosures | Visitors: 336

Occupy Movements Can Proceed Without Encampments

There are ongoing police raids on public camps that have been set in different areas by the members of the Occupy movement and this increasing havoc has raised a question among the members whether ..
(January 03, 2012)
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 | Real-Estate/Foreclosures | Visitors: 254

Foreclosure Petitions and Deeds are Down

Recently, a report has been published by the real estate data firm, The Warren Group which keeps track on the different foreclosure activities that are going on across the nation. In October 2010, ..
(December 21, 2011)
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American Politicians, Business and Labour Heads Jumped Into ..

Some of the north and western European countries have a long tradition of savings nurtured by public opinion and the government. In France the government attracts countless savers among the young and .
(December 06, 2011)
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Abandoned Foreclosed Properties in Las Vegas Filled with ..

The streets of Las Vegas now meander through thousands of foreclosed, vacant and dark properties which are not maintained properly by banks and lenders. It has been highlighted a number of times that .
(December 05, 2011)
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 | Real-Estate/Foreclosures | Visitors: 594

If Grant Had Been in the Shoes of Bernanke he Would Have ..

Prolific author and chronicler sixty four years old Jim Grant is the publisher of bi-weekly Grant’s Interest Rate Observer. He is criticized and yet respected for his predictions about the ..
(December 02, 2011)
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 | Real-Estate/Foreclosures | Visitors: 499

Houma - Thibodaux - Bayou Cane Region Shows Better Conditions ..

In the last year, the rate of foreclosure in the Bayou region has decreased and the rate was quite low compared to the average rate across the nation. The average rate of foreclosure in all the ..
(November 28, 2011)
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 | Real-Estate/Foreclosures | Visitors: 522

There are Two National Economics for One Nation

Even during balmy days it is difficult to fully comprehend economic news. These days are neither sunny nor balmy; the economic weather is bad. Much of the so called good news trickling in refers to a .
(November 22, 2011)
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California has Suffered the Worst Battering from the ..

California has suffered the worst battering from the foreclosure crisis having accounted for a fifth of all the foreclosures in the country. From 2008 there have been 1.2 million residents of ..
(May 09, 2011)
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 | Real-Estate/Foreclosures | Visitors: 372

The Foreclosure Crisis has Made it More Difficult to Post Bail

The foreclosure crisis has placed house owners in debt, ruined their credit ratings, decimated property values across the nation and also made it more difficult to post bail. The defendants are ..
(May 03, 2011)
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 | Real-Estate/Foreclosures | Visitors: 415

Governor of Maine’s Top Aide Facing Foreclosure Submits ..

The top aide of Paul LePage the Governor of Maine facing foreclosure on five properties submitted his resignation on Saturday 16th April. The Communications Director, Dan Demeritt took this step a ..
(April 19, 2011)
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A Foreclosure does Not Mean It’s the End of the World

You have an average typical family that lives in a subdivision. The homes are so badly damage they can hardy give you and your family that dream family ties. Most houses are neglected by the city for .
(April 18, 2011)
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Stop Foreclosure the Legal Way

Anyone these days can be suffering from foreclosure problem regardless reasons. If you have received notice of default which is usually the first step in a foreclosure process, there’s no need ..
(December 10, 2010)
 | Real-Estate/Foreclosures | Visitors: 2221