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Libertarianism - If Not Now, Then When?

With the meltdown of the American economy, what better time to ask: Can libertarianism come to the rescue? Perhaps the most interesting statement in the Wikipedia discussion of libertarianism is that .
(January 10, 2009)
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Book Review - No Innocent Bystanders

It is never easy to communicate wisdom. Even more difficult to do so in an engaging way that makes it very, very easy to read and understand. Mickey Z. has accomplished this difficult task in his new .
(October 01, 2008)
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The Audacity of Arrogance

Anyone who doubts the downside of hubris should think of the losing campaign of Hillary Clinton. Like cholesterol in arteries, extreme arrogance can block seeing political realities. And Barack ..
(June 26, 2008)
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How Hillary Can Knock Out Obama

Now is the time for Hilary Clinton to take a bold position that in one brilliant, courageous stroke shows the nation that she is more willing to pursue true reforms of the two-party plutocratic ..
(April 22, 2008)
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Consumers Abused by Default Choices

At some point the business sector realized the best way to take advantage of consumers was to use default options that make them spend money. A default option works because it creates an automatic ..
(April 07, 2008)
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Film Review - The Reflecting Pool

Whether you see yourself as a truth seeker, patriotic American, independent thinker or voter, or just someone with bad memories of 9/11, you should make an effort to view The Reflecting Pool, a new ..
(March 26, 2008)
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God Bless Ralph Nader

Because he wants to salvage American democracy and help Americans, Ralph Nader is running for president again. He deserves the support of all Americans that see themselves as progressives, ..
(February 27, 2008)
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Obama Hope Beating Clinton Help

Hope mongering has been working much better than experience mongering. Now, the rest of the story. . . . As befits American culture, politics is all about slick selling to the masses. Hillary ..
(February 14, 2008)
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9-11 Truth Manifesto

For evidence that America's political system is a criminal conspiracy, open your mind to piles of new analyses that prove beyond doubt that the official 9/11 story is a lie. Years of a bipartisan ..
(December 18, 2007)
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Americans Unready To Revolt, Despite Revolting Conditions

The latest NBC - Wall Street Journal national poll results vividly show a population incredibly dissatisfied with their nation's political system. In other countries in other times such a depressing ..
(June 28, 2007)
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