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Man On Wire - Film Review

Synopsis: In August of 1974, self-taught tightrope walker and performance artist Philippe Petit pulled off an insane stunt in New York City. With the help of friends, he somehow dodged security ..
(December 13, 2008)
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Death Note - Foreign Film Review

Made in: Japan Language: Japanese Synopsis: Based on the Japanese manga (comic book series) of the same title by Tsugumi Oba and Takeshi Obata, the plot involves a university student named Light ..
(November 10, 2008)
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Layer Cake - Foreign Film Review

Synopsis: Daniel Craig plays an unnamed, successful drug dealer who keeps a low profile, does dependable business for those above him, and works with a tight, loyal crew. He pays his debts on time ..
(August 18, 2008)
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After the Wedding - Foreign Film Review

After the Wedding (Efter Brylluppet) Made in: Denmark Language: Danish, English, Hindi Synopsis: Humanitarian Jacob Pedersen (Mads Mikkelsen) manages an orphanage in a poverty-stricken part of India. .
(August 07, 2008)
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Hot Fuzz Foreign Film Review

Hot Fuzz - Foreign Film Review Synopsis: Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is the finest cop the London Metropolitan Police Force has ever known. Highly decorated and skilled, he also holds the ..
(June 16, 2008)
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 | Arts-and-Entertainment/Movies-TV | Visitors: 238

District B13 (Banlieue 13) Foreign Film Review

District B13 (Banlieue 13) Made in: France Language: French Synopsis: It is the year 2010. In this dystopic vision of the future, certain slums just outside of Paris have been walled off and isolated .
(June 23, 2008)
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The Orphanage Foreign Film Review

The Orphanage (El Orfanato) Made in: Spain Language: Spanish Synopsis: Laura (Belen Rueda), her husband Carlos (Fernando Cayo), and their adopted son Simón (Roger Príncep) move into a large, spooky .
(July 06, 2008)
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International Movies Worth Exploring

International movies are a hidden gold mine for any film enthusiast. First and foremost, this isn't an anti-Hollywood article, because even Hollywood will churn out a solid blockbuster every now and ..
(July 13, 2008)
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Movie Download Websites A Reality Check

I'm sure we've all come across movie download websites that promise “unlimited downloads" of your favorite movies. For what appears to be a reasonable fee, some offer a yearly or lifetime ..
(July 16, 2008)
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The Aura Foreign Film Review

The Aura Made in: Argentina Language: Spanish Synopsis: Esteban Espinosa (Ricardo Darin) is a quiet, epileptic taxidermist living in solitude. Highly intelligent and born with a flawless ..
(July 31, 2008)
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