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Why Study Math? Prime Numbers

Remember when you were back in grade school and your teacher was going over basic arithmetic and numbers? You learned basic facts about division, as for example, how to know whether a given number is .
(April 01, 2007)
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Do Your Kids a Favor - Take Away the Calculator

The kids of today are so different from those of only a generation ago. Heck. I’m quite computer literate and am pretty good with electronic gadgets, but I can’t even place a close second .
(April 11, 2007)
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Why Study Calculus? - How About Cube Roots Without a ..

If you thought that the only purpose of calculus was to confuse you, then think again. Continuing with my Why Study Calculus? series, I discuss yet another application of this branch of mathematics ..
(April 16, 2007)
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What's Wrong with Education in America?

Why is education so bad in America compared to other countries? I’m sick and tired of reading and hearing about all the bad things in the American educational system. As a former teacher of ..
(April 26, 2007)
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Fractions- Why Are They So Hard?

Not even signed numbers cause as many problems as those two-headed monsters called fractions. But why so much trouble? Maybe because fractions have a dual nature, that is, they consist of the ..
(May 03, 2007)
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Math Can Be Strange but Quantum Physics is Even Stranger - ..

Indeed math can be strange. Especially when one delves into the upper echelons of this most mystifying discipline: multidimensional spaces, transfinite numbers, non-Euclidean geometries—you name ..
(May 07, 2007)
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Mathematics and the KISS Principle

Keep it simple, stupid! That phrase resounds in your brain while you contemplate how it could ever be applied to your current course in mathematics. You remember hearing that if you kept things ..
(April 07, 2007)
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Take a Bow Stephon Marbury - Boo Michael Jordan

When I watched John Stossell’s show on the comparison between Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan sneaker line and Stephon Marbury’s Starbury line, I quickly realized that greed in America ..
(March 23, 2007)
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If You're Selfish, Teaching's Not for You

Thinking of entering the teaching profession? Maybe you’re even thinking of teaching a subject like mathematics. What a crazy thought! Why would you want to do such a thing? I mean, I can come ..
(March 12, 2007)
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Teach Your Kids Algebra: The Quadratic Formula

When I first saw the quadratic formula, I was amazed that there existed such a thing no less a way to derive this elegant formula. For those who remember, this formula gives a sure-fire way of ..
(February 24, 2007)
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Why Study Calculus? - Area of Irregular Shapes

You know I thank God that I was given the ability to communicate math to the masses. I guess this talent comes from my struggles with this subject early on. My ability to convey the guts of this ..
(January 06, 2007)
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