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The Rise Of Organizational Leadership

When you think of leaders it is usually inspirational leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. or John F. Kennedy that come to mind first. People who were at home at center stage, exciting the crowd to .
(April 11, 2008)
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Effective Leadership Never Changes

There have been immense changes throughout our society in recent years, and these changes have had a profound impact on the meanings of and the requirements for effective leadership. It's very ..
(April 18, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Leadership | Visitors: 231

Eight Steps To A Happier Life

Without love and happiness, success and wealth are truly worthless. Many people will agree with this statement and say they've always known that. Unfortunately, while this may be true in their mind, ..
(April 25, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Happiness | Visitors: 242

Take Action To Stop Worry

Your ability to combat worry and manage the daily stresses of your life is essential to your success, happiness and health. If you want to achieve and happy and fulfilling life you must learn to be ..
(May 03, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Stress-Management | Visitors: 347

Why Multi-Tasking Is A Big Robber Of Time

One of the biggest robbers of time today is obsessive multitasking, ironically, something we do in an effort to manage our time better and get more out of each moment. We multitask to stave off ..
(May 24, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Time-Management | Visitors: 249

Leading With Character and Courage

Good leadership always makes a difference. It can turn organizations around and positively impact the lives of thousands of individuals. Leadership is not easy to learn, but what worthwhile thing is? .
(June 20, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Leadership | Visitors: 332

Five Keys to Preparing a Powerful Presentation

You don't have to possess a loud, sonorous voice, a pearly white smile, or a wild, charismatic stage presence to give a great presentation or talk; all the pleasant packaging and abundant confidence ..
(June 27, 2008)
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 | Writing-and-Speaking/Public-Speaking | Visitors: 275

How to Revitalize Your Personal and Professional Life

Imagine, for a moment, a short moment, that you are a professional football player. You are revered by your fans and teammates for your ability to run through the defense and head for your objective; .
(July 12, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Goal-Setting | Visitors: 233

Training For a Lifetime

Scientific evidence suggests that continuous education throughout life can significantly reduce the natural deterioration of the brain that comes with aging. Yet so many people feel that their ..
(July 18, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Motivation | Visitors: 251

Involve and Empower Your Employees

Just to compete in today's competitive business world it's essential to have good products, efficient operations and distribution, and a dedication to your customer. You'll have none of these unless ..
(July 26, 2008)
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 | Business/Management | Visitors: 242

The Most Destructive Negative Influence Of All

Anger is the most destructive force in relationships. It destroys your personal happiness. Anger not only takes your life out but it also takes the life out the person you are angry with as well. ..
(April 04, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Anger-Management | Visitors: 666

How To Avoid Giving Offense Or Being Misunderstood

There's probably nothing more humiliating than to make a remark in public and have someone take offense at the comment. Some remarks about individuals and groups can even be the occasion for a ..
(March 21, 2008)
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 | Writing-and-Speaking | Visitors: 505

Beware Of Parkinson's Law

British historian C. Northcote Parkinson once analyzed why large organizations become bloated and lethargic. Parkinson concluded, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its ..
(February 29, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Time-Management | Visitors: 358

Seven Strategies For Maximizing Employee Potential

Most business owners know that companies could make huge strides in profitability if they could somehow take full advantage of every employee's potential, but while managers reengineer their ..
(December 25, 2007)
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 | Business/Management | Visitors: 1189

The Essential Elements Of Powerful Communication

Whenever you speak to another person or a group, you’re selling something: products, ideas, viewpoints, or simply yourself. Your goal is to influence or persuade the listener to buy what you ..
(June 29, 2007)
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 | Writing-and-Speaking/Public-Speaking | Visitors: 151

How To Get More Customers Through Leadership

One of the key building blocks to a successful business is leadership. If you are just starting a business or have been in business for a while and you have kept up to date with all the important ..
(May 25, 2007)
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 | Self-Improvement | Visitors: 179

The Journey Toward Self-Knowledge

Mankind’s most enigmatic question, spanning every century, culture and continent is, “Who am I?" Those three words, which appear deceptively simple, have intrigued and perplexed humanity. .
(April 06, 2007)
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 | Self-Improvement | Visitors: 143

Eating To Increase Your Brain Power

Twice a year, during finals week at universities across the country, thousands of bleary-eyed students camp out in the library or their living rooms, surrounded by stray soda cans and crumpled candy ..
(March 23, 2007)
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 | Health-and-Fitness | Visitors: 198

Keeping Your Life In Balance

We all want to be happy in life, to be calm, confident and relaxed. We all want to be in complete control of every aspect of your life. Just as a car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go .
(March 02, 2007)
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 | Health-and-Fitness | Visitors: 177

Customer Centered Selling

The success of a business or a sales career depends on your ability to get customers, and then hold them over the long haul. In today’s competitive business market, a good customer base is very .
(February 23, 2007)
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 | Business | Visitors: 246

The Benefits Of Keeping A Journal

Some people refuse to reminisce about the past, intent on putting everything behind them and living only in the future, but the events of your past are what make you who you are today, and who you ..
(February 09, 2007)
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 | Writing-and-Speaking | Visitors: 139

Creating A High Performance Environment

Even the very best workplaces can always become better by focusing on six criteria: pay and benefits; opportunities for advancement; employee development and education; pride in work and the company; .
(January 26, 2007)
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 | Business | Visitors: 242

How To Eliminate Your Inner Doubts

Negative remarks from other people, as well as self-criticism create inner doubts which can have a devastating effect on your self-self esteem. When you have self-doubt it holds you back from ..
(January 19, 2007)
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 | Self-Improvement | Visitors: 202