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Alzheimer’s disease symptoms: better ways of having a normal .

Different neurological disorders can lead to what is known as dementia, which can be defined as a deterioration of intellectual abilities following an organic brain disorder. Alzheimer's disease is ..
(July 19, 2017)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Diseases | Visitors: 93

Alzheimer’s treatment: Revolutionizing using stem cells

Alzheimer's or Alzheimer's disease is a progressive condition that destroys memory and other main mental functions. This is one of the most normal cause of dementia, which is the definition for a ..
(July 03, 2017)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Diseases | Visitors: 86

Finding help inside an alzheimer s association and its ..

Alzheimer's disease progresses in stages, from early forgetfulness to mild to severe dementia. Dementia is the loss of mental function. In most people with Alzheimer's, symptoms appear for the ..
(June 21, 2017)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Diseases | Visitors: 264

The perks of having an online shopping cart in your business

Since the internet becomes vital scenery for the selling of products or services, and for marketing, the web technology has been orientated in the last few years to improve the tools to make online .
(May 31, 2017)
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 | Computers-and-Technology/Software | Visitors: 121

Why using freelance programming is the better choice for your ..

The growing use of smart devices has led the development of an app for business to become a strategy that can bring great advantages to the business. Likewise, the technological sector has grown ..
(May 24, 2017)
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 | Computers-and-Technology/Mobile-Computing | Visitors: 147

Alzheimer’s support group: The main axis for caregivers

Today, there are more than 80 different forms of dementia. Of all of them, Alzheimer's is the most common and well-known, representing between 60 and 80% of people affected by this disease. ..
(May 22, 2017)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Diseases | Visitors: 131

Mobile app development: Constructing your leading and ..

In these days, developing mobile and web applications is a plus in your company since we live in a technological era. Likewise, the mobile and web applications as well as the online businesses are ..
(May 19, 2017)
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 | Computers-and-Technology/Mobile-Computing | Visitors: 69

7 Dementia stages that can help you to treat your disease

The aging of the population determines an increase in the prevalence of people affected by dementia. Despite the large deployment of public education on dementia in recent years, it continues to be ..
(May 17, 2017)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Diseases | Visitors: 146


Each patient with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) wonder himself how his life will be within a two, three or four years having this disease? Or maybe they are wondering if they can improve their prognosis .
(May 17, 2017)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Diseases | Visitors: 147

Is multiple sclerosis hereditary? Knowing all about its causes

Can you imagine waking up one day and realize that you cannot move any of your limbs? For those suffering multiple sclerosis (MS) this is a reality. The most problematic thing is that it has stopped .
(May 13, 2017)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Diseases | Visitors: 149

Knowing the alzheimer's stages and their symptoms

Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative process and a degenerative dementia that, although each individual with Alzheimer's evolves differently, most patients go through different phases, each of .
(May 06, 2017)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Diseases | Visitors: 167