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Jim Whitney

My Name is Jim Mathieson I am IT pro with more than 25 years of experience.

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Guitar Buying Tips For Beginners The Top Ten

My Top ten guitar buyers tips will help you make a wiser decision, save time and effort, avoid frustration and save a lot of money while you search for the perfect instrument to meet your needs. ..
(June 23, 2011)
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 | Shopping-and-Product-Reviews/Electronics | Visitors: 267

The SEO 10 Step Summary Manual

Understand this, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can be taught to the masses, but very few individuals are able to methodically go through the steps, scheduled basis, to achieve and maintain the ..
(June 14, 2011)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online/SEO | Visitors: 166

Target Marketing Your Internet E-Commerce is Vital to Success

It is one of the utmost ironies of the Internet that the computer, laptop, pc, so long mocked as individual, is now being employed to craft highly personal experiences for Web site visitors. Because ..
(June 13, 2011)
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 | Business/Marketing | Visitors: 284

What Searches to Uses to Look For in an Online Business

What is the first thing you do once you are looking for information about something? The very first thing I do is fire up my laptop and bring up a search engine. You might even use Google or Bing or ..
(May 24, 2011)
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 | Business/International-Business | Visitors: 408

The Plusses Of Running a Business From Your Home

In the quick paced job market, it might seem like there is never time enough to do what is important to you – being at home with your families and taking care of what needs to be done while you .
(May 11, 2011)
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 | Business/International-Business | Visitors: 276

Methods For Making Your Targets and Deadlines Within Your Home .

To garner success with your home based business you absolutely need to be beating any goals that you have set. This is a major key to making an income. A lot of home based business owners are running .
(April 26, 2011)
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 | Business/Management | Visitors: 309

Tips, Tricks And Methods For Raking In Money On The Net

For many of us looking to perk up their cash flow situation, running a home business has given them a freedom they never thought they could have. There is nothing more rewarding then the delight of ..
(April 20, 2011)
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 | Business/Top7-or-10-Tips | Visitors: 505

Two Lucrative Promotional Network Marketing Business Tools: ..

Two of the readily available and successful Promotion network tools are your email and the net. These implements are not only in common use but they are available from anywhere you go. That why these .
(April 17, 2011)
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 | Business/Top7-or-10-Tips | Visitors: 623

The Exponential Success Roadmap - Get On or Enter The Road

The trip to success starts with confidence, proven principles and a flaming desire to change. A lot of it will come down to how your mind is wired and whether you have given yourself permission to ..
(April 15, 2011)
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 | Business/Entrepreneurialism | Visitors: 529

Why Are You Still Promoting Your Business!

Yes, you read it correctly! Desist from promoting your internet business. How frequently do you go on the net and see ad after ad full of Pie in the sky promises. You just roll your eyes and continue .
(April 14, 2011)
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 | Business/Marketing | Visitors: 2440

How to Win In Network Marketing A Simple Truth

I encountered MLM also know as Multi Level Marketing and or Network Marketing back in the nineties. It was an online company offering lower cost long distance and international telephone services ..
(April 12, 2011)
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 | Business/Small-Business | Visitors: 284

Tactics For Accumulating Email Addresses for THE LIST

The most profitable online product launches all have one thing in common. They all necessitate a joint venture of some type. In other words, the people developing the product unites up with someone ..
(April 11, 2011)
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 | Business/Strategic-Planning | Visitors: 378

What is the Significance of Branding for Your Web Site ..

It wasn’t so far in the past that marketing was mostly filled with impracticable situations that attempted to encourage the buying public that a better life was there for them if they were just .
(April 09, 2011)
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 | Business/Branding | Visitors: 434

What are The Top Online Home Base Business Opportunity ..

Let’s be frank. Today, there is no lack of business opportunities accessible if a home based business is what you desire to do, but what do the top online home base business opportunities have ..
(April 08, 2011)
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 | Home-Based-Business | Visitors: 922

You Can Expand Your Internet or Affiliate Business Anytime Any .

Over and over again I listen to statements about how “I can not build a business right now. . . it's the slow season". I look at it like this: If individuals or business owners are searching ..
(April 07, 2011)
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 | Business/Small-Business | Visitors: 297

The Advantages of Becoming a Member of A Good Paid Affiliate ..

Building a successful online business requires more than simply trying to place a product on a webpage with the hope that visitors will be attracted to it like a mouse to cheese. If you spend a ..
(April 07, 2011)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Web-Development | Visitors: 316

Being Successful Advertising Your Global Business Opportunity

Do you have an worldwide business venture that you want to introduce to other entrepreneurs? Then you’ll need to pursue some detailed steps in order to profitably promote your opportunity. ..
(April 05, 2011)
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 | Business/International-Business | Visitors: 429

Using Online Web Internet Services To Promote and Advertise ..

Have you pondered using web site promotion services? If you are seeking a unique, new way to market your web site, you may want to investigate some of the different web site promotion that can do the .
(April 04, 2011)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Site-Promotion | Visitors: 339

3 Basics You Need To Know for Building Great back Links to ..

As you seen scores of times previously – acquiring outside links to your website is almost certainly the most important factor determining your success for high rankings in the search engines. ..
(April 03, 2011)
 | Business/Top7-or-10-Tips | Visitors: 569

Learning how to get better search engine rankings.

Learn how to get better search engine rankings. Learning the basics will help you drive more traffic to your online business. You want success? You need to learn about how search engines rank ..
(April 02, 2011)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online/SEO | Visitors: 297

Are you Brave Enough To Become an Entrepreneur?

Society has a way of convincing us that wealth arises from those that work hard and get a well paying job in some financial institution on Wall Street. While I do not debate that you can get really ..
(April 02, 2011)
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 | Business/Entrepreneurialism | Visitors: 635