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Plasma Life in the Bible

A Bush that doesn't Burn When Moses came nearer to Mount Horeb he looked up to see a strange sight - in the distance a bush seemed to be on fire. Yet the bush was not consumed by the fire - it was a ..
(July 16, 2008)
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Jinns - Plasma Aliens From a Parallel Earth

The purpose of this article is to gain a historical perspective into how certain categories of plasma life forms were viewed by Muslims through their sacred literature. Introduction Genie is an ..
(July 03, 2008)
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Dark Matter - Plasma of Super Particles

What if the Electron was as massive as the Proton? Lighter electrons, under the Standard Model, are more mobile and are captured by a nucleus of protons easily. But what if electrons were as massive ..
(June 14, 2008)
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Human Energy Field, Subtle Bodies - The Plasma Connection

There have been many depictions of the human energy field and subtle bodies in the metaphysical and religious literature. The interesting observation in these depictions is the many signature ..
(March 19, 2008)
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Plasma-Carbon Symbiosis and Bioplasma Body Fusion

Biologists are beginning to realize that co-operation was just as important as competition in the evolution of life's diversity and resilience. Every cell in the human body contains a mitochondrion ..
(January 25, 2008)
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Complementary Medicine - Turning the Corner?

Recent experiments and studies in biology are throwing the spotlight on the relevance of complementary medicine to mainstream medical science. Energy Receptors in Cell Membranes While it is well ..
(January 24, 2008)
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Plasma Life Forms - Aliens from a Parallel Earth

The Basic Plasma Metaphysics Theory in 3 1 Dimensions According to plasma metaphysics (Jay Alfred, Our Invisible Bodies, 2006), the physical-dense Earth is gravitationally coupled to a counterpart ..
(January 24, 2008)
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Orbs, Plasma Spheres and Bindus

The Physical-Etheric Nucleus Each subtle body has a nucleus – which metaphysicists Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant had described as a “permanent particle" almost a century ago. Leadbeater .
(April 16, 2007)
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