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Bulgarian Tourism Today

Until a few years ago Bulgaria was not a country high on a person’s choice of places to visit for their yearly vacation but recently it has become a holiday maker’s paradise with people ..
(August 12, 2007)
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Bulgarian Rulers Of The Past

Bulgarian rulers of the past have been great individuals who have fought to keep the lands of Bulgaria with the Bulgarian people. These rulers have gone to huge lengths and endured huge tragedies to ..
(July 28, 2007)
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Bulgarian Food And Drink Is First Class

If you go to any country in Europe or you travel to the United States of America you are sure to find restaurants and takeaways selling Italian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, French and even Lebanese ..
(July 20, 2007)
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The Provinces and Cities of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small country located on the borders of east and west as it is situated in the south eastern tip of Europe next to Turkey. As a small country that is only half the size of the United ..
(June 20, 2007)
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Travel Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a beautiful country surrounded by bigger, better known countries like Greece and Turkey, yet Bulgaria is an important country in its own right and deserves recognition for the wonderful ..
(June 15, 2007)
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 | Travel-and-Leisure | Visitors: 162

Bulgarian Lands are Prosperous

Since the ancient times people have prospered on the Bulgarian lands due to the wonderful array f rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys, forests and plains that offer such a wide variety of different ..
(June 01, 2007)
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Important Cities of Bulgaria

Bulgaria holds many important cities that are seen as beacons of history throughout Europe. Yes Bulgaria may not be a fighting force economically yet as its major cities are not known like Berlin, ..
(June 09, 2007)
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Bulgarian Geology

Bulgaria is a small country, so small in fact that it is half the size of the united Kingdom and has a population of only seven and a half million, even less than the United Kingdoms capital city, ..
(June 06, 2007)
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Food of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is probably the corner stone of European civilisation and is also a place full of wonderful foods. These foods have so many different tastes and colours there is certainly something to wet ..
(May 28, 2007)
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 | Food-and-Drink | Visitors: 585

Bulgarian Property is the New Income Boom

Bulgarian property is one of the most sought after types of property in Europe. The reason why Bulgarian property is so popular is because of what you can purchase for a relatively small amount of ..
(February 26, 2007)
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 | Real-Estate | Visitors: 112