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Ship Chartering- Details about the Process.

Chartering is often a common term associated with shipping. It usually focuses on transporting some of the heaviest of loads and goods to be transported across oceans. There may be different types of .
(July 20, 2010)
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Online Shipping Directory, World Shipping Directory.

We are living in the jet-age where everything is going online but do you think same can be said for shipping companies. Majority of the answers would be negative! There’s no denying that ..
(June 15, 2010)
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ipping Operators Go On line

Just type “Shipping Operators” in Google and you’ll be bombarded with staggering 5,250,000 and more results. Now who says, shipping operators and companies aren’t going ..
(May 28, 2010)
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Online Directory, Shipping Directory.

With the immediate and continuous growth of e-commerce, outsourced manufacturing, online stores, and neighborhood stores and malls, shipping companies have grown massively. There are innumerable ..
(May 19, 2010)
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How a car company ship their fleet cars?

Well, if you think shipping industry only caters to goods, passengers, and food parcels, correct yourself, shipping cars is the latest addition. Even though, shipping cars internationally is still in .
(May 13, 2010)
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Ship Agents and Shipbrokers

Shipbrokers and Agents all across the globe have taken a measure towards setting quality standards for ship agents and brokers. This Quality Standard will serve to assist ship-owners and operators in .
(April 13, 2010)
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Ocean Liner, Cruise Liner.

Once shrouded in peace and quiet, the sea world has since been drowning in the cacophony of cargo ships’ and ocean liners’ propellers that churn the waters. Cruises are no longer just ..
(March 26, 2010)
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Demise Charter, Time Charter, Time Chartering.

Vessel Chartering usually falls into three categories, each distinguished by the degree of operational control over the vessel which the charterer exercises. There are three basic types of vessel ..
(March 19, 2010)
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Voyage charter broker & agent companies.

In a voyage or time charter the charterer charters the ship (or part of it) for a particular voyage or for a set period of time. A voyage charter is the hiring of a vessel and crew for a voyage ..
(March 09, 2010)
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Why use Container Liners.

If you have a free flowing and dry product that needs to be moved in bulk, it can be easily transported in a container liner. The product arrives in the same condition as it was when it departed. It ..
(March 04, 2010)
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 | Business | Visitors: 465

Shipping Liners, Ocean Liners, Sea Liners.

Any liner operates on a regular schedule of designated ports, carrying whatever cargo and passengers are available on the date of sailing. The first liners were operated in the North Atlantic. In the .
(February 25, 2010)
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Ship liners, Ocean Liners.

Ocean liners are ships designed to transport people from one seaport to another. They follow a regular long distance maritime route and a fixed schedule. Liners are sometimes used for other purposes ..
(February 23, 2010)
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Yacht Chartering, Shipping Chartering, Vessel Chartering.

Ship Chartering works to move some of the largest and bulkiest items ever transported across the world's oceans. Some of the many activities undertaken by the company include lifting and moving cargo .
(February 15, 2010)
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Logistics directory, Trading directory, Shipping directory.

The flow of goods or information and other resources from the location of orgin to the location of consumption in order to meet consumer requirements is logistics management. Logistics involves ..
(February 04, 2010)
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 | Business/Logistics | Visitors: 299

Shipping Directory and how to choose the right one .

Shipping companies are more sensitive to the online markets thanks to the continued growth of e-commerce, outsoursed manufacturing, online stores and neighbourhood stores and malls. This makes it ..
(January 25, 2010)
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 | Business | Visitors: 230

Drop Shipping Wholesalers, Drop Shipping companies.

Drop Shipping is a source of selling products globally. Now a days many ecommerce sites are running. It helps to target international customers. Dropshipping shipping companies ship the product ..
(January 16, 2010)
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 | Business | Visitors: 252

Ways of Shipping Motorcycle internationally.

International shipping services are easily accessible, one can get international shipping services if they visit a local company that handles international shipping services or they can access ..
(January 05, 2010)
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Cargo shipping companies, freight forwarded agents.

Cargo ship is a sort of ship or vessel that carries cargo goods and material from one port to another. Cargo ships are especially designed for the task, often being equipped with cranes and other ..
(December 21, 2009)
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 | Business | Visitors: 214

Freight Shipping Company, Freight Shipping Services, Freight ..

To start with Freight Shipping Companies, first let us know what exactly is freight and freight shipping. Freight (or cargo) is goods or produce transported, generally for commercial gain, by means ..
(December 09, 2009)
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 | Business/Customer-Service | Visitors: 343

Ro-Ro Shipping, Car shipping company, Vehicle Shipping Company.

It is said that the world has come closer due the internet, a true fact: but the trade world has come closer due to the shipping industry. Shipments on from the sea route has made the shipment of ..
(December 07, 2009)
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 | Business/Customer-Service | Visitors: 366

Shipping tips for very heavy items.

Whenever you think of transporting heavy items, it is very tricky to ship them with care. To ship heavy items internationally, its good to choose a shipping company instead of using other means of ..
(December 03, 2009)
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