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What If Selling Didn’t Exist?

Suppose you meet up with a group of friends and associates and get chatting. You get introduced to some people and get talking. Invariably in social situations the discussion will get around to what ..
(September 23, 2007)
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 | Business/Sales-Management | Visitors: 325

Are You The Julius Caesar of Sales Management?

I have never quite understood why some people write off the study of history. Some of the most fascinating events have occurred that should both inspire and teach us, and just because something ..
(October 01, 2007)
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 | Business/Sales-Management | Visitors: 356

A Product Becomes a Solution Only When It Solves a Customers ..

How many times does a sales person start a sales presentation with a demonstration of their product? How many times have you heard a sales person declare the immortal phrase “Have I got a ..
(July 12, 2007)
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Is the Decision Maker The Most Important Person in a Sale?

Were you to walk into a lesson on ‘An Idiots Guide to Making a Sale’, lesson one might start off something like this: ‘Clearly define who the main decision maker in the client environment ..
(July 03, 2007)
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The Electronic Mousetrap - The Problem of Unique Selling Points

Picture this scenario. You walk into your local hardware store to see advertised in the shop window “The brand new iRodentia – Digitally enhanced mousetrap with USB connection”, the ..
(June 04, 2007)
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 | Business | Visitors: 574

Why the Sales Process Is Like a High Performance Engine (And ..

We perhaps take for granted the rapid technological advances that have occurred over the past few hundred years in evolving what we pleasantly take for granted in everyday transport. The engine that ..
(June 10, 2007)
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A Successful Business Is Like A Successful Athlete

“Winning athletes need to plan their training routine; train under the conditions that will be similar to the actual event; control their diet; set targets to be achieved; monitor progress and ..
(April 01, 2007)
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 | Business | Visitors: 435

Sales Forecasting Is The Achilles Heel Of Business Planning

Forecasting future sales is one of the most difficult areas for many companies. The challenge is to produce consistent and accurate advance information which can be used by production, stock and ..
(April 09, 2007)
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Software Training – Why It Is Necessary

When something fails it is human nature to blame something else. When a company implements a software system into their organisation and it doesn’t work the most common argument why this is, ..
(May 10, 2007)
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What Kind Of Sales Manager Are You?

Which is better, a sales manager who is benevolent, friendly, approachable or a sales manager who is strict, authoritative and a disciplinarian? Throughout a sales person’s career, he is likely .
(May 14, 2007)
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 | Business | Visitors: 370