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Family Trust - Avoiding "Trust Mill" Scams

How many times have you opened the newspaper and a flyer falls out that advertises a “free living trust seminar"? They often offer a free breakfast or lunch and hold the meetings at a local ..
(December 14, 2008)
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 | Finance/Estate-Plan-Trusts | Visitors: 347

Elder Abuse - Constructive Fraud

In elder financial abuse cases, it is often difficult to prove that the defendant intended to commit a fraud against an elder. Many times, the elder is incapacitated and unable to give meaningful ..
(December 05, 2008)
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 | Legal | Visitors: 305

Elder Financial Abuse - Use of Psychologist As Expert Witness

In elder financial abuse cases, it is often difficult to prove that a fraud occurred. The elder's mental capacity may have deteriorated to the point that they can no longer provide meaningful ..
(December 07, 2008)
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 | Legal | Visitors: 777

Elder Abuse - The Elder Abuse Act

In California, the Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act (EADACPA) is one on the most powerful tools available for combating elder abuse, both financial and physical. An “elder" .
(December 13, 2008)
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 | Legal | Visitors: 344

Elder Financial Abuse - Disinheritance

Of the many remedies available against someone who commits elder financial abuse, disinheritance is one of the most powerful. In Riverside, California, the law imposes this severe penalty on any ..
(October 16, 2008)
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 | Legal | Visitors: 491

Nursing Home Abuse - Trial Evidence

Nursing home abuse occurs in many ways but, most often, is the result of inadequate staffing and training. To succeed at trial, certain evidence must be produced to prove an elder abuse personal ..
(October 19, 2008)
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 | Legal | Visitors: 249

Elder Law - Alternatives to Conservatorship

In a previous article, we presented an overview of two different types of conservatorships that exist in California. This current article explores possible alternatives to avoid the need to establish .
(October 13, 2008)
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 | Home-and-Family/Elder-Care | Visitors: 200

Elder Law Trials - By Judge Or Jury?

Civil cases for elder law trials can be heard by a jury or non-jury (i. e. , a judge). Which is better? Almost always, a trial by jury should be the preference of the elderly client's attorney. ..
(September 29, 2008)
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 | Legal | Visitors: 250

Elder Financial Abuse - Stopping Real Property Thieves

Someone can't pick up a house and steal it, obviously. But what does happen, with alarming frequency, is a bad son or daughter tricks and manipulates their parent into signing a deed that transfer ..
(September 30, 2008)
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 | Legal | Visitors: 326

Elder Financial Abuse - Proving Mental Incapacity

Proving that an elder suffered from some form of mental incapacity is a key element in winning an elder financial abuse case. There are many ways in which mental incapacity can be shown. A critical ..
(October 01, 2008)
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 | Legal | Visitors: 1604

Elder Law - Nursing Home Abuse

First, let's recognize that nursing homes are needed in our society, and the functions they serve are vitally important to the health and caring of our aged population. Their job is not easy. Even ..
(October 07, 2008)
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 | Legal | Visitors: 287

Elder Law Power of Attorney - Protecting Your Loved Ones

There are few circumstances when your loved one should execute a financial power of attorney that gives their agent the immediate authority to make financial decisions. Financial powers of attorney ..
(October 08, 2008)
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 | Legal | Visitors: 207