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Chickenpox and Natural Help to Heal

Most children contract this childhood disease before age nine. It is caused by a virus and manifests itself as a fever and headache, usually starting between seven to twenty one days after exposure ..
(August 26, 2008)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Diseases | Visitors: 210

Natural Help For Migraine Sufferers

Migraines are a relatively common disorder, affecting about 10 percent of the population. An estimated 8.7 percent of females and 2.6 percent of males in the United States suffer from migraines. ..
(June 18, 2008)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Headaches-Migraines | Visitors: 493

Natural Help For Asthma Sufferers

People who suffer from asthma often describe this plight as “starving for air. " Asthma is a lung disease that causes obstruction of the airways. During an asthma attack, spasms in the muscles ..
(July 02, 2008)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Asthma | Visitors: 500

Anemia and What to Do About It

Anything that causes a deficiency in the formation or production of red blood cells, or that leads to the too-rapid destruction of red blood cells, can result in anemia. Some things that can lead to .
(July 13, 2008)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Diseases | Visitors: 302

Acne and What to Do About It

The exact cause of acne is not known, but factors that contribute to the condition include heredity, oily skin, and androgens. Other factors are: * Allergies * Stress * Use of certain drugs ..
(July 16, 2008)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Acne | Visitors: 233

Weakened Immune System and What to Do About It

The immune system is the key to fighting every kind of insult to the body, from that little shaving nick to the myriad of viruses that seem to abound these days. Even the aging process may be more ..
(July 17, 2008)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Diseases | Visitors: 290

Motion Sickness and What to Do About It

People suffering from motion sickness experience symptoms that range from severe headache to queasiness to nausea and vomiting while flying, sailing, or traveling in automobiles or trains. Other ..
(July 10, 2008)
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 | Health-and-Fitness | Visitors: 189

Thrush and Yeast Infection - Try These Natural Cures

The medical name for this overgrowth is candidiasis, but most people know the condition as either thrush or as a yeast infection. Normally, candida causes no harm; our bodies are equipped with ..
(April 22, 2008)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Womens-Issues | Visitors: 362

Stop Smoking, You Can Do It!

The dangers of smoking are well known today, so why do people continue to smoke. Well, some people started smoking before the dangers were widely known, while others started in adolescence, when they .
(March 26, 2008)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Quit-Smoking | Visitors: 167