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Understanding Commercial Real Estate Leases

As a professional landlord, we all want to achieve the perfect landlord/tenant relationship. Why? Because it makes for easier work. You see for any investor, new or experienced, when you invest in a .
(October 19, 2008)
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 | Real-Estate | Visitors: 236

How to Read a Tenancy Agreement

If you're new to the property rental market, setting up a tenancy agreement for the first time can feel more complicated than it has to be. From legal terminology to finding the right agreement to ..
(September 07, 2008)
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 | Real-Estate | Visitors: 264

Avoid Making Bad Property Investment Choices - Invest the ..

Before we start, you need to know one thing: it is easy to make a bad investment. All investors have done it at some point. . . picked a property believing it to be a sure thing, only to fall into ..
(August 17, 2008)
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 | Investing | Visitors: 189

Common Mistakes by New Web Designers

Starting out in web design is exciting, you've learnt a whole new set of skills and you're ready to take on the big bad world of freelancing. You need a site something that says “I'm the best; ..
(June 17, 2008)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Web-Design | Visitors: 173

Why Content is King For Affiliate Marketers

There are several reasons why content is king for affiliate marketers, but the two most important reasons include the fact that search engines like content. Not only do search engines like fresh, ..
(June 23, 2008)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Affiliate-Revenue | Visitors: 125

Why Should I Want to Be an Affiliate

Those who are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing may wonder why they would want to put so much effort into promoting other people's products. This is especially true of those who have never operated .
(June 23, 2008)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Affiliate-Revenue | Visitors: 118

Is Quick Weight Loss Possible?

The extent, quality and speed of weight loss depend upon the constitution of the individual patients. Though the results of weight loss program may have some general pattern, they cannot be ..
(July 02, 2008)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Weight-Loss | Visitors: 188

Use Your Layout to Optimize Your Web Design

When you visit a website, the way the layout has been designed can often have more of an impact on the way you perceive their site than you realise. Typically, when a surfer visits a site, their ..
(July 21, 2008)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Web-Design | Visitors: 145

Can the Cabbage Soup Diet Help You to Lose Weight?

Cabbage soup diet, as the name suggests, consists primarily of cabbage which is a low fat and fiber rich vegetable. Since it is fiber rich and low fat, it helps the consumers to lose weight fast. It ..
(July 23, 2008)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Popular-Diets | Visitors: 291

Adding Value and Fixing Up Your Property Investments

When you are searching for a below market value deal in the property market, there are typically two choices to pick from. You can either invest in distressed properties that need work or you can buy .
(July 27, 2008)
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 | Investing | Visitors: 162

The Best Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Since you gain weight by over eating wrong foods, you can lose weight by reversing the process. You should abstain not only from eating the fatty foods, but you should also curtail down your older ..
(May 08, 2008)
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 | Health-and-Fitness/Supplements | Visitors: 251

The Advantages of Redesigning a Website

Presumably every industry in the world endorses upon World Wide Web interaction to advertise and distribute information a product or a service. In the world of business securing a website and domain .
(April 03, 2008)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Web-Design | Visitors: 123

Top Tips for Web Design

Design is never straight forward and web design has the additional unpredictable complication of technology thrown in. This means that you need to consider the consequences of your design decisions ..
(March 16, 2008)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Web-Design | Visitors: 203

An Introduction to Architecture

Architecture is the practice of design buildings and other physical structures. It is often considered a form of art and science due to the massive amount of technical knowledge required to implement .
(March 09, 2008)
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 | Reference-and-Education | Visitors: 422

Flow in Web Design

The important thing to understand about flow as a mental concept is that the way it works is universal but different individuals feel and perceive it in different ways and situations. Some types of ..
(January 02, 2008)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Web-Design | Visitors: 111

An Introduction to Typefaces

Knowing what you are looking for when choosing a font is incredibly important. The fonts are mainly grouped by their physical appearance. The most recognised groups are serif, sans serif, script, ..
(December 05, 2007)
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 | Internet-and-Businesses-Online/Web-Design | Visitors: 135