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Hanging Wall Art 4 Simple Rules

Deciding on how to display art in a way that is appealing and draws attention can be a daunting challenge for some. Read on as this article provides a few simple tips on displaying art effectively in .
(June 27, 2008)
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 | Home-Improvement/Interior-Design-and-Decorating | Visitors: 2747

4 Steps to Caring For Your Art

Dust and dirt can be the greatest enemies of any priced art work. Protecting your investment through regular maintenance can keep your framed art pieces lasting a very long time. The following ..
(July 05, 2008)
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 | Home-Improvement/Interior-Design-and-Decorating | Visitors: 209

Decorating Color Schemes For Wall Art 4 Simple Tips

Before you buy your painting, you should stop to consider on a few things. Will the art fit into your home? Will it blend so well until it becomes unnoticed? Or will it stick out like a sore thumb, ..
(July 13, 2008)
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 | Home-Improvement/Interior-Design-and-Decorating | Visitors: 216

How to Light Art Work 4 Simple Ways

Lighting that painting on the wall is just as important as the art work itself. Good lighting not only draws attention to the art work, but also breathes life into it. This article highlights 4 ..
(July 22, 2008)
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 | Home-Improvement/Interior-Design-and-Decorating | Visitors: 267

Budget Wall Decorating With Canvas Transfers

Many of you may have walked into an art store and admired beautiful paintings being displayed. You think that the artwork is original, and it even feels original as you run your fingers through the ..
(July 30, 2008)
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 | Home-Improvement/Interior-Design-and-Decorating | Visitors: 367

Interior Design Ideas - 5 Creative Ways To Display Art

You've finally bought your favorite art piece but don't really have a clue as to where and how to display them? Read on and gain some tips on how you can creatively display your art. 1. Leaning art .
(May 06, 2008)
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 | Home-Improvement/Interior-Design-and-Decorating | Visitors: 233

Office Decorating Ideas - Best Places to Display Art

Your office is probably the place where you spend most of your week in. 5 days in a week, nine hours (or more) a day; it's almost like a second home. It is thus important that we at least try to make .
(April 30, 2008)
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 | Home-Improvement/Interior-Design-and-Decorating | Visitors: 748

Chinese Floral Prints - A Touch of Asian Charm in your Home

Finding suitable decorative art work for your wall can be a challenging task. There are just so many different styles of art you can choose from. Should you pick prints of scenery, portraits, or ..
(April 22, 2008)
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 | Home-Improvement/Interior-Design-and-Decorating | Visitors: 317

Interior Decorating Ideas - Decorating Your Clinic with Wall ..

Have you ever been at the clinic, waiting for your turn to see the doctor, and all you see on the walls around you are posters on cancer prevention, reminders for you to do your annual medical ..
(April 06, 2008)
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 | Home-Improvement/Interior-Design-and-Decorating | Visitors: 1128

Beautify Your Home With Contemporary Art

If you're looking for something to fill up your wall space and make it look more interesting, why not try contemporary art. Contemporary art, in itself, doesn't always have to mean anything. ..
(March 25, 2008)
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 | Home-Improvement/Interior-Design-and-Decorating | Visitors: 392