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Relaxing Piano Music - Create It Yourself With These Easy to ..

You love the soothing sounds of relaxing piano music. But have you ever thought about actually going to your piano and creating it yourself? You can thanks to Edward Weiss's online piano course. ..
(June 08, 2007)
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Free Piano Lessons Video Shows You How To Improvise Your Own ..

With the popularity of YouTube and Google Video, it's become very easy for instructors to upload videos of their lessons. The amazing thing about all of this is that it's all free access! Once it's ..
(June 05, 2007)
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Free Online Piano Lesson Shows You How To Improvise Step by ..

So, you want to learn how to improvise your own music on the piano. Most think this task is difficult. And it is, if you don't know what you're doing. Fortunately, there is a way to actually ..
(April 17, 2007)
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How To Compose Your First Piano Piece

Many students love to improvise. But I'm often asked… “When can I learn how to actually create a complete piece of music?" To which my response is “when do you want to begin?" I often ..
(April 10, 2007)
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Music Without Goals

I really love improvisations that go nowhere. Improvisations where there is no goal… just an impulse to follow feelings in the current moment. In fact, some have described this kind of music as ..
(March 27, 2007)
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You Can Create Your Own Music - Even If You've Never Touched a .

A few days ago I was going through some student emails and one question really popped out at me: "Edward, I really want to just sit down at the piano and improvise but I don't think I know enough to ..
(March 13, 2007)
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Play Piano In a Flash - Even If You Don't Know Where Middle C ..

So, you've been dying to play the piano. But you don't want to spend years learning how to read music. Of course you don't! And you won't have to IF you learn a chord-based approach to playing the ..
(February 22, 2007)
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How To Create a Solo Piano CD - A Step by Step Approach!

So, you want to know how someone creates an entire solo piano CD. It seems like a monumental task - and it is unless you break it down! Here's how I do it step by step. Step One The first thing I ..
(February 13, 2007)
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The Making Of a Piano Improvisation: Creating Cirrus

One of the things that always amazes is what comes out of me musically. Specifically, I'm talking about the lesson piece “Cirrus" available at (Scroll down ..
(February 06, 2007)
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Piano Notes - How To Achieve Hand Independence on the Piano

"I'm losing the left-hand, " cried one piano student. “Every time I try to add in my right hand, the left stops" exclaims another. These are common complaints for students who wish to learn ..
(January 16, 2007)
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Keys to Successful Piano Improvisation!

Let's get right to it. What is the one factor that will have you playing the piano freely and easily? It's not technique. Most students can learn the technical aspects of piano playing extremely well .
(January 09, 2007)
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Piano Lessons: Creating an Impressionistic Soundscape

Ah… the Soundscape. That indefinable rush of notes that envelopes and soothes. The first classical composer to really embrace this type of music was Claude Debussy. In fact, a whole style of music .
(January 02, 2007)
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 | Arts-and-Entertainment | Visitors: 237