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Zero-Potential Prospects Are the Pits!

As a sales manager I used to walk to the front of our bullpen and make this announcement: "From now on, only call those people who are going to say YES!" Of course, it was a joke-sort of. Wouldn't ..
(January 15, 2009)
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 | Business/Sales | Visitors: 354

Loose Lips Lose Customers!

After fighting a slow leak, it occurred to me that my car needed new tires, so naturally, I phoned the last company to install a matched set. The price, about two years ago, was $700 out the door, ..
(December 22, 2008)
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 | Business/Customer-Service | Visitors: 436

Writer's Block is a Voluntary Disablement

Recently, one of my readers asked me to elaborate on an idea I shared that maintains writer's block is a voluntary, self-induced condition. Here are the five points I made. If you're suffering from ..
(November 20, 2008)
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 | Writing-and-Speaking/Writing | Visitors: 396

Tale of the Two Joes

"Sooner or later, no matter how smart you are, baseball plays everyone for a fool, " remarked an old hand at the game. He could have been talking about the Steinbrenner clan that owns and runs the ..
(August 15, 2008)
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 | Recreation-and-Sports/Baseball | Visitors: 284

That Perfect Summer When Manny Was a Dodger

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be; so true. Yet one can't help recalling with a grin and a sigh how transforming The Might Manny's presence was when he was wearing the Blue Bandanna at Chavez ..
(August 17, 2008)
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 | Recreation-and-Sports/Baseball | Visitors: 242

Welcome to Your Glorious Portfolio Career!

My college Sociology teacher predicted that the average person to my right and left would engage in four or five careers in his lifetime. A radical thought, but it seems Dr. Quinn was prophetic. ..
(August 08, 2008)
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 | Business/Careers-Employment | Visitors: 345

Success & The Law of Large Numbers

I just read about a Houston man who has dedicated much of his life to collecting beer cans and to drinking their contents. His larger goal was to build a house consisting of his carefully crushed ..
(March 11, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Success | Visitors: 476

Motivate Yourself to Greatness By Cherishing Negative Role ..

There are a zillion expressions that size-up the motivation challenge, and many of them say exactly the same thing. They range from the brutally blunt to the academic. Among them are these two: ..
(May 11, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Success | Visitors: 421

Five Earmarks of a True Expert & Genuine Leader

I just read a fun first-person account of the folks that navigated Venice, Italy's Grand and lesser canals in of all things, a kayak. They bought the watercraft on eBay for under $200 and folded it ..
(June 01, 2008)
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 | Self-Improvement/Leadership | Visitors: 309

Spike Your Phone Teams Performance With a Script Change!

As you may know, I speak and write extensively about telephone scripting, whether it's in cold calling, appointment setting, prospecting, inside sales, customer service, or technical support. Every ..
(June 30, 2008)
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 | Business/Sales-Teleselling | Visitors: 793

At the 2008 All Star Break, I Should Be Happy

Three of my four teams are in first place in their divisions on this morning of the 2008 All-Star Game. The Angels are a respectable 6 games up in the A. L. West. The Cubs lead the N. L Central by ..
(July 15, 2008)
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 | Recreation-and-Sports/Baseball | Visitors: 312

Don't Let Your Sales Prospects Sell You Their Cynicism!

"I'm sorry, " my prospect whispered hoarsely, “but I guess I'm in a cynical mood. " He didn't need to tell me. As he strode down the surrealistically dark corridor to greet me, I could detect ..
(April 12, 2008)
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 | Business/Sales-Management | Visitors: 404

How Many Copies of Your Book Are You Going to Buy?

A few months ago I sent a solid book proposal to an established business publisher. Within a few weeks I heard from them. They were taking the proposal to their committee for a decision, which is a ..
(March 09, 2008)
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 | Writing-and-Speaking/Book-Marketing | Visitors: 358

You Hate Me, You Really, Really Do!

I was speaking to a zesty MBA student the other day about the odds against something or other and she snapped back: “I love doing what people tell me I can't do!" I admire that attitude. We ..
(February 29, 2008)
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 | Writing-and-Speaking | Visitors: 622

Tired of Rejection? Promote Acceptance!

Rejection can drill you down, nick you with a thousand paper cuts, make you cry uncle, and hide under the sheets. How come? Most of us have been programmed by family, friends, teachers, and bosses ..
(January 25, 2008)
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 | Business/Sales-Management | Visitors: 522

What Closing Ratio Can You Expect in Outbound Telemarketing?

Twice this week I've been asked what closing ratio can we expect to get when we do outbound telemarketing? So, I thought I'd share my reply with you, because it departs from conventional wisdom. ..
(January 25, 2008)
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 | Business/Sales-Teleselling | Visitors: 501

Do Martial Arts Schools Create Followers or Leaders?

In previous articles I've asked if dojos are cults. I've questioned the reasonableness of permitting instructors to inflict injuries on students. I have also asked if we would be served better by ..
(January 25, 2008)
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 | Recreation-and-Sports/Martial-Arts | Visitors: 286

Where Will Tomorrow's Above-Average Investment Returns Come ..

A number of years back, a broker bought me a bond that yielded over 14%. I sold it before its maturity date, making a tidy profit on it. Had I held on instead of selling, I would have lost a ..
(January 13, 2008)
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 | Investing | Visitors: 410

Never, Ever Mess with a Safeway School Graduate!

Last night I needed to pick up a few groceries and at the last minute, before leaving the house, I remembered something that I would usually forget. I needed to return two items to the store for ..
(January 10, 2008)
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 | Business/Customer-Service | Visitors: 267

The Case of The Stolen Dojo

The first question I asked the founder of the martial arts school when I interviewed as a prospective student was whether he had sufficient money on tap to stay around long enough for me to earn my ..
(December 30, 2007)
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 | Recreation-and-Sports/Martial-Arts | Visitors: 256

How Much is "Enough" Martial Arts Training?

One of the first questions most prospective martial arts students ask is: “How long will it take to get a black belt?" There are some dojos that will give them the precise answer they're ..
(December 22, 2007)
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 | Recreation-and-Sports/Martial-Arts | Visitors: 329

Spotlight on Scripting - Can You Write a Great Tone Guide for ..

If I had a buck for every time one of my book readers or tape purchasers asked me to write a telemarketing script for them, I'd have thousands of dollars more than I currently have. In fact, this is ..
(December 20, 2007)
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 | Business/Sales-Teleselling | Visitors: 328

Exactly How Smart Are You? And Does it Matter?

I'm a fairly competitive guy so when one of my salespeople challenged me to literally match wits with him, I rose to the bait. "What's your I. Q. , Gary?" "I dunno. " "No, really, what is it-Have ..
(November 18, 2007)
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 | Self-Improvement/Positive-Attitude | Visitors: 353

Here's Proof - It's Never Too Late To Call Inactive Accounts!

I received a phone message from my insurance agent, yesterday. It was a bit of a surprise that he was saying hello. My policy had lapsed and been replaced by two more policies many years ago. And ..
(August 23, 2007)
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 | Business/Sales-Management | Visitors: 607

Prepare Yourselves - There Are Few Easy Sales in Tough Times!

As the economy grows tougher, and it will, we’re going to witness a resurgence of petal-to-the-metal selling techniques. We’ll reprise such standards as: (1) Cold calling (2) Answering ..
(August 27, 2007)
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 | Business/Sales | Visitors: 509