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The Cabala of Freedom

Something happened a few decades ago, freedom was redefined with money as its goal. Money is greatly esteemed and overvalued to the extent that freedom has been demeaned and made secondary to money. ..
(October 07, 2008)
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It's the Stupid Economy, Stupid

In the turmoil of these times it should not be lost the spiritual messages being beamed to us through numbers and coincidences. For example, the day before Rosh HaShanah the Dow dropped 777 points ..
(October 09, 2008)
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The Cabala of Economics

Silver, Kesef in Hebrew, also has the meaning of desire as in Kesef Nefshi/My Soul Expires with Desire for the Creator, but when applied to the physical realm desire can be the initiator of greed. ..
(September 20, 2008)
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What Will Happen at 2012?

Perhaps the most significant event of our time is the bombardment of a neutron star August 27, 1998 for five full minutes precisely five years to the day when Mars for the first time in ancient ..
(June 18, 2008)
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Body of Torah

The Torah like the human body is broken up into four divisions: legs, torso, head plus an all encompassing soul; a replica of the Ten Sefirot derived from the Four Letter Name YHVH which was the ..
(April 30, 2008)
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Time, Space and the Number 86

Time and space are represented by the point and the line; the infinitesimal point is the present from which the infinite line reaching to the endless past and extending into the limitless future is ..
(April 09, 2008)
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A Jewish Advice to Christians

The essential connection between Christians and the Jewish People is found in the concept of Moshiach-the Greek translation is Christ. Moshiach constitutes one of the 613 Commandments given to the ..
(February 20, 2008)
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The Cross and the Cabala

Cross in Hebrew translates as: cut off from God. This coincidence of languages is actually not far from the truth; the cross, a symbol of torture used by Rome to inflict the maximum amount of pain ..
(January 03, 2008)
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The Monotheistic Lie

Avraham who is known as the father of nations is credited with bringing monotheism to the world 3500 years ago, opposing those of many gods and beginning a tradition that has spread throughout the ..
(December 26, 2007)
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A Vote for Santa Claus

The Roman religion, based on the Roman calendar, is a combination of irreconcilable opposites whose manifestation is celebrated in the dead of winter, Christmas, and in the springtime-Easter. In the ..
(December 15, 2007)
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