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The Most Dangerous Lie

I've found that what we say to ourselves is much more important than what we say to others. And we deceive ourselves much more than we deceive others. As a coach (heck, as a person) I've heard what I .
(March 08, 2008)
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Selling More Through Product Conviction

A common question in the mind of salespeople is how to “close" more sales. Obviously, the more sales you have, the more successful you are, and so when you go through the sales literature - the .
(June 25, 2008)
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Revamp Your Networking Introduction

When we meet people in networking situations, both formal and informal, it is important to have an introduction that creates some curiosity and interest. First impressions are important. As an ..
(June 28, 2008)
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Seeing is Believing - Using Visuals in Your Sales Presentation

Humans are incredibly visual creatures. If you think about which sense you use most often to physically navigate through the world, it's your sight. When an attractive person walks down the street, ..
(July 10, 2008)
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Tracking Your Phone Calls

The phone is a common source of anxiety for salespeople. Whether making cold calls, warm calls, or just following up with existing clients, being on the phone can be stressful. From setting up sales ..
(April 18, 2008)
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 | Business/Sales-Training | Visitors: 203

Four Reasons Customers Give Referrals

Imagine this scenario. You pick up the phone to call a prospective customer. You dial the number and wait as the phone rings. When they pick up on the other end, you identify yourself and the company .
(April 26, 2008)
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Making Sales Presentation Questions Crystal Clear

In many ways, sales is a transfer of enthusiasm. Whether you are selling a multi-million dollar software package, or you are selling your significant other on your movie choice for the evening, your ..
(March 13, 2008)
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4 Tips For More Referrals

In today's business world, getting new customers and clients is on everyone's mind. Talk to the average small business person, for example, and prospecting for new customers is probably their top ..
(March 20, 2008)
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Tonight's Main Event - Features vs Benefits

Welcome to tonight's matchup. We have a very exciting bout for you this evening. In this corner, wearing the blue trunks. He's every cool thing you know about your product or service. He's every ..
(March 03, 2008)
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