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David Brown is a freelance writer who specialises in the area of finance, both personal and business, and economics. He currently writes on behalf of who provide professional, independent information, tools and guides on matters of personal debt, financial difficulties and successfully managing personal finances.

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The Reliability of Debt Advice as a Monitor of Personal Debt

The economic recession experienced in the United Kingdom has held many serious and negative consequences and the effects can be seen to have been extended to not only the immediate financial sectors ..
(December 12, 2009)
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Smoke and Mirrors in the Budget of Debt

The release of the pre-budget report by the Labour Party, delivered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, instigated a strong feeling within both the arenas of business and personal finances. The ..
(December 10, 2009)
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 | Finance/Personal-Finance | Visitors: 336

The Foretelling of a Debt Advice Clairvoyant

With the current state of the economy, considering the gains and speculated recoveries within particular markets and sectors, the pre-budget report is set to be received by business and economy ..
(December 09, 2009)
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 | Finance/Personal-Finance | Visitors: 552

Debt Advice: Mixing Business with Pleasure

With the state of the economy in a tentative growth out of recession, many sectors within which have been seen to be making substantial gains throughout the latter half of 2009, the general consensus .
(December 08, 2009)
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 | Finance/Personal-Finance | Visitors: 295

Credit Obesity and the Debt Advice Hunger

The negative consequences of consumer debt have long been acknowledged as troublesome and complicated to deal with once burdened, yet an exploration of the consequences further to the blatant ..
(December 08, 2009)
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 | Finance/Personal-Finance | Visitors: 278

Debt Advice: an Insight into the Psychology of Debt

Significantly unmanageable levels of personal debt can be a frightening and isolating experience for both individuals and their families therefore the news that 24 per cent of Britons are choosing ..
(December 04, 2009)
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 | Finance/Debt-Relief | Visitors: 403

Debt Advice Outlaws: Rounding Up the Cowboys

With the extended regulatory powers afforded to the Financial Services Authority over the self-investment personal pension markets, the Credit Services Association (CSA) are calling for additional ..
(December 03, 2009)
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 | Finance/Personal-Finance | Visitors: 253

Personal Debt: Quartering the Monetary Trust

With the substantially increasing level of personal debt owed by individuals within the United Kingdom, the statistics released by the Bank of England that document a continued rise in the levels of ..
(December 02, 2009)
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 | Finance/Personal-Finance | Visitors: 219

Debt Advice: Climbing Out of the Debt Manhole

Following the evidence of arguably over-indulgence in consumer credit throughout the past decade, statistics released today document an overall decrease in the level of debt held by consumers. Whilst .
(December 01, 2009)
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 | Finance/Personal-Finance | Visitors: 252

New Year Debt Help: Dealing with the Consumer Debt Hangover

With preparations for the festive season now occurring, many individuals as a consequence of unemployment, job losses and rising levels of debt have not been able to save money in order to pay for ..
(November 30, 2009)
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 | Finance/Debt-Consolidation | Visitors: 220

Bank Charges and Debt Advice: Regrouping and Leading a Fresh ..

Following the major resolution of the test case heard at the Supreme Court yesterday, the consequences for both individuals and the personal debt sector are circulating with heavy speculation and ..
(November 26, 2009)
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 | Finance/Personal-Finance | Visitors: 303

Father Christmas’ Debt Sledge: Demand for Debt Advice Set to .

Whilst Father Christmas is a fabled character created solely with the intention of creating a magical atmosphere over the festive season for children, many individuals are coming to learn of the more .
(November 20, 2009)
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 | Finance/Debt-Relief | Visitors: 493

DIY Insolvency: the Idea of Flat Pack IVAs?

Following news released yesterday that the British Government have released proposals that intend to reform the application process for personal insolvencies, the argument of how moral and ethical ..
(November 19, 2009)
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 | Finance/Bankruptcy | Visitors: 1057

IVAs and Bankruptcy: Jostling for Pole Position in the ..

Following the destruction evident in individuals’ personal finances that can be witnessed as a consequence of the downturn in the economy and the following recession, the extent to which ..
(November 18, 2009)
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 | Finance/Debt-Relief | Visitors: 359

Banking on a Change in Debt: Fresh Regulations for Financial ..

Subsequent to the turmoil created in the wake of a combination of the economic downturn and following recession with limited external control over the financial practices of large United Kingdom ..
(November 17, 2009)
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 | Finance | Visitors: 234

Credit Cards and IVAs: Flying Into a Consumer Credit Storm?

Following news released at the end of last week, the consumer credit and personal debt sector has been awash with articles, statistics and opinion about the possible consequences of the significant ..
(November 09, 2009)
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 | Finance/Credit | Visitors: 203