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Regular Training Is Vital For Consistent Day Trading Profits

Day trading is a highly competitive, stressful, fast-paced activity. Only a relatively small number of traders are at the top of the pyramid and consistently succeed. What are the characteristics of ..
(January 29, 2008)
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Day Trading Is Not Necessarily More Trading

In a recent trading session I was poised to take an entry for a nice looking short trade, but the pattern I was looking for never completed and the entry order was not triggered. I waited for a ..
(January 07, 2008)
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Steady Income From Day Trading Futures

There are still a number of expert traders out there who claim that it is impossible to make money day trading. As a person who relies on day trading for my income, this claim always surprises and ..
(January 03, 2008)
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CFD's Versus Futures

I have never traded CFDs (Contracts for Difference), but increasingly I am finding that my non-US clients have been attracted into trading by companies marketing CFD instruments. I say non-US ..
(December 29, 2007)
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Understand the Contract When Day Trading Futures

When you trade any futures contract it is important to understand the contract specifications. You can find the specifications by visiting the web site of the exchange where the contract is traded. ..
(December 12, 2007)
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Avoid Stress When Managing Exits to Futures Day Trading ..

Traders spend most of their time researching setups for trade entry, using fundamental analysis, chart patterns, signals from technical indicators, or some combination of these. Yes, no doubt about ..
(December 11, 2007)
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Day Trade for Consistent Profits and Less Risk

Many articles advise traders to avoid day trading because it is dangerous and unprofitable. This is quite wrong. Of course, if the trading is haphazard and done with no proper plan, a day trader ..
(December 10, 2007)
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 | Investing/Day-Trading | Visitors: 184