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Trusting the Word of Others

Who can you really trust? When an advertisement is placed in front of you with a proclamation that this is the greatest company in whatever particular industry it happens to be in, are you going to ..
(June 16, 2008)
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We All Love Getting Good Colorful Stuff In The Mail

I'm one of those who just love getting quality and colorful stuff in my mailbox. In fact, I think I don't know of anyone who doesn't. Just think of all those full color postcards with the equally ..
(April 06, 2008)
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Give Your Word Of Mouth Campaign A Kick In The Butt

As a businessperson, there are probably many ways in which you try to promote your business (if you are not, you should be). You advertise in the local papers. You place unique, attractive signage ..
(April 12, 2008)
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Promoting Your Product The Smart Way

When a customer hears the name of your business, what do you want them to think? You want them to think of your business as one of professionalism and quality, right? Well, then guess what you have ..
(April 14, 2008)
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Putting Pleasure Into The Process

I've been there. I know what many others go through on a regular basis. You have an idea for some kind of marketing concept or advertisement or any other angle for selling your product. You love the ..
(April 16, 2008)
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 | Business/Advertising | Visitors: 162

Say The Right Things On Your Handouts

An effective and successful marketing campaign material doesn't stop at the design part. Sure, you first have to attract your target audiences’ attention before you could even get them to read ..
(March 10, 2008)
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How Effective Branding Can Bring Success To Your Campaigns

Branding is vital to your business success because it helps you to create a strong image that your clients and prospects remember. A strong brand therefore leaves that positive (or negative) ..
(March 13, 2008)
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 | Business/Advertising | Visitors: 208

Why Flyers Work

Advertising flyers are one of the most effective marketing vehicles that one's company can utilize to generate leads to increase sales. Whether you're promoting a product or service, or an event, ..
(March 17, 2008)
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 | Business/Advertising | Visitors: 319

What You Need To Know To Boost Sales

When a consumer buys a product or avail of a particular service, what is the basis for his or her buying decision? Is it based on their need and want? Is it something that they saw and was attracted ..
(March 22, 2008)
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 | Business/Advertising | Visitors: 423

How To Cross Sell Effectively

One way of increasing your sales and profits is to offer other related product or service. Other than the main item you're selling, you can also cross-sell or offer a product or service to your ..
(March 23, 2008)
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 | Business/Advertising | Visitors: 274

Hidden Gold Mine For Ideas

My day is incomplete without going through the commentaries section of my favorite paper. It is like a ritual that I have to perform to make my morning complete. Well, we all have our own rituals. ..
(March 25, 2008)
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 | Business/Advertising | Visitors: 246

Customer Loyalty Is Your Best Ally

This is often the mistake made by business owners and marketers - they forget that there's new opportunities to be had with old friends, in this case, old clients. With so much going on with trying ..
(February 28, 2008)
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 | Business/Advertising | Visitors: 255