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Keep Marching!

The Gunnery Sergeant assigned to my class during Officer Candidate School (OCS) was big, mean and made Lou Gossett Jr. (from an “Officer and a Gentleman") look like a kitty cat.   Seemingly, ..
(September 24, 2008)
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Deckplate Leadership

My first two years in the Navy were less than productive.   As a young 18 year old, I was  loud, obnoxious, and thought many things were funny that my supervisors didn't.    On the opposite end, ..
(August 18, 2008)
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Attention Leaders - Light A Fire Of Motivation!

When I first joined the Navy I, like every young Sailor, went through the required training to learn how to fight and prevent fires. Twenty years later, I still remember that you need 3 elements to ..
(March 04, 2008)
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All That Jazz

After a long session of practicing, my High School orchestra conductor, Dr. Scott Johnson, would normally say, “That's close enough for jazz. " “Dr. J" (as we called him) was a seasoned ..
(April 30, 2008)
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7 Keys To Unlocking Potential

Is morale and productivity down with your team? Do team members have difficulty seeing the horizon because their gaze is fixed on the ground? Unlocking the door to team member motivation can seem a ..
(May 07, 2008)
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Convert It!

Right hook to the jaw! Uppercut to the chin! Sucker punch to the gut! Life can throw some vicious punches, can't it? With gas prices, food prices, and the continual stream of negative news pummeling ..
(June 16, 2008)
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Invest Yourself

When life is complete, what is the legacy you want to leave behind? One of policy, plans, procedures and rules? Or, do you want a to leave a legacy that represents your true self? If your answer is ..
(July 21, 2008)
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Make a Positive Impact

Each team member impacts the culture of an organization (positively or negatively) because emotions pass from person to person. Fifteen years ago, I was working for a particularly mean-spirited ..
(January 23, 2008)
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It's More Than Just Vision

Vision and leadership - the two words go together like peanut butter and jelly. From the division to the department; from the department to the organization; and from the organization to the nation - .
(January 09, 2008)
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Resolve to Succeed

My New Year's Resolution this year is to make no resolutions. Statistics show that, by February, 90% of people who have made New Year's Resolutions have given them up and I don't want to be a ..
(January 03, 2008)
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