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Why I Am Endorsing Barack Obama and Joe Biden For President ..

I never thought that I would live to see the day that Canada's money would be worth more than the United States, or that I would actually spend over $4 dollars for a gallon of gas. My daughter and I ..
(September 06, 2008)
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Is it Natural For Human Beings to Be Monogamous?

As a full-time psychology instructor at a community college, the question that I hear most often from my students is: “Is it natural for human beings to be monogamous-especially males given the .
(July 08, 2008)
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Before You Medicate Your Child Read This Article!

When I was a counseling psychologist; I had several parents come to me and demand that I fix their child. The parent would run off the typical list of acting out behaviors that I had grown accustomed .
(July 12, 2008)
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Why Are You Having His Baby?

I was educated to believe that there are no real differences between males and females other than the biological structure of their reproductive organs. One of the first terms I learned in my Gender ..
(July 14, 2008)
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God For President

I told God that I needed a counselor, someone I could talk to who could relate to me and my problems and understand what it's like to be a divorced, single parent of two teenagers, with over one ..
(July 15, 2008)
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7 Reasons Women Should Never Diet

1 Diets create a psychological state of deprivation. Are you depriving yourself of something you need in hopes of gaining something you want? Are you focused on all the things that you should delete .
(May 24, 2007)
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Is Your Soul Broken?

What is a Broken Soul? Your soul is broken when who you are on the inside, doesn’t match who you are on the outside. A broken soul is related to how you feel about yourself, your truest, ..
(June 01, 2007)
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Stick it to Your Boss - Quit Your Job is Style!

Many years ago a co-worker confided to me that she planned to “stick it” to her boss for not giving her the preferred schedule and raise that she felt that she deserved. “How do you .
(May 30, 2007)
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Excellent Teachers Never Blame Parents for Students' Academic ..

Studies show that statistically there are more African American students in special education than there are in regular classrooms. The typical child in a special education is a black male child. ..
(April 03, 2007)
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