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Brian Davis

Brian Davis is an expert on Auto Repair Equipment and has written numerous articles on the Auto Repair Equipment industry. Best Buy Automotive Equipment

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The Quatra™ Series Pantograph Lifts from BendPak™ - ..

The distinctive Quatra™ series lifts by BendPak™ revolutionize the lifting industry by offering a 12,000-pound lifting capacity and a true vertical lift for a more compact footprint, ..
(December 15, 2010)
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 | Automotive | Visitors: 280

2 in 1 Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange System

The TransTech IV combines both Inline and Dipstick capabilities allowing for the two most common methods of ATF exchange from a single machine. With both Inline and Dipstick services together in one ..
(December 14, 2010)
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 | Automotive/Repairs | Visitors: 701

Bosch acquires RTI Technologies Co., Ltd.

Acquisition presents new business opportunity for Bosch Diagnostics - Bosch to expand in automotive air conditioning service market Stuttgart - The Bosch Group's Automotive Aftermarket business ..
(December 13, 2010)
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 | Automotive | Visitors: 448

Let Your Lift Do The Talking!

We all know service facilities make a living working on vehicles. And having the right auto lift to accommodate the right vehicle is essential in today’s fast paced shop. Don’t be forced ..
(August 24, 2010)
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 | Automotive/Repairs | Visitors: 411

What is a Portable Alternative 2-Post Lift?

There seems to be be a lot of questions about the new type of car lift being introduced to the market. Like with anything new, exciting and different, there are some concerned opinions flying around ..
(August 19, 2010)
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 | Automotive/Repairs | Visitors: 513

What Equipment is Your Auto Mechanic Using?

Before you take your vehicle in to get the wheels aligned, ask the shop owner what kind of equipment they are using to get the job done. If they are using the best equipment on the market, then your ..
(August 18, 2010)
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 | Automotive/Repairs | Visitors: 402

Your Auto Shop Needs A New Tire Changer

Tire changers are machines used to help mechanics and tire technicians dismount and mount tires with most kinds of wheels. After the wheel and tire assembly are removed from the vehicle, the tire ..
(August 17, 2010)
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 | Automotive/Repairs | Visitors: 415

New Leverless Wheel Service

The Ranger RX3040 features the latest in touchless wheel-service technology and provides your shop with the most advanced tire changing capabilities on the planet. Put those tire irons and levers ..
(August 16, 2010)
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 | Automotive/Repairs | Visitors: 380

The Manufacturing Superiority Of BendPak's Auto Lifts

BendPak recognizes the manufacturing process as our moment of maximum influence. When we ship a unit, we need to know that the product that left our manufacturing complex was the best it could be. ..
(August 12, 2010)
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 | Automotive | Visitors: 276

Professional Tire Changing And Wheel Balancing

Have you ever wondered how your mechanic changes out your tires? Wonder no more. Professional tire changing equipment is a staple for most shops and garages, and here to show you how it's done (and ..
(August 11, 2010)
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 | Automotive/Repairs | Visitors: 492

Car Lift Conclusions

Purchasing a new car lift is no small matter. Regardless of whether you’re a shop owner or you just love working on cars in your own garage, you deserve to get more than the best car lift for ..
(August 10, 2010)
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 | Automotive | Visitors: 267

Car Lift Safety Features

There’s no one way to make a car lift or truck lift safer for the operator. Manufacturers of high-quality automotive lifting products are always looking for better, more secure lifting methods. .
(August 10, 2010)
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 | Automotive/Repairs | Visitors: 418

Finding a Car Lift Dealer and Manufacturer You Can Trust

Choosing a manufacturer and dealer is a critical a step in the whole car lift purchasing process. While low-quality manufacturers or dealers might be able to offer you a cheaper price, the person you .
(August 09, 2010)
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 | Automotive | Visitors: 232

The Mighty Car Lift: An Introduction

Car lifts have long been one of the most important investments a professional automotive shop or garage can make. With the recent unexpected boost in automotive business sector, consumers are even ..
(August 05, 2010)
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 | Automotive | Visitors: 202

The Top 10 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Lift

Here at BendPak, we hate it when we hear about fellow auto-enthusiasts getting burned by a bad deal. That’s why we devised the following checklist to help you avoid an unfavorable fate and get ..
(August 04, 2010)
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 | Automotive | Visitors: 261

Updating Your Garage With a New 2-Post Lift From BendPak

Our newest line of XPR-Series 2-Post lifts offers a wide selection of durable, safe and reliable systems for virtually every lifting application. Powerful and secure, BendPak’s XPR-10CX in ..
(August 03, 2010)
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 | Automotive | Visitors: 260

Fold-Up Motorcycle Trailers Make Towing Easier

So What’s All The Fuss About? Kendon Industries, the originator of the Stand-Up motorcycle trailer, continues its pioneering ways with the next generation of trailers and motorcycle lifts. The .
(August 02, 2010)
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 | Automotive/Repairs | Visitors: 432

Car Collectors Seek Storage Solution

Car Collectors Seek Storage Solution Many car collectors share the same storage problem: space for their cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, etc. Whether you have a garage, warehouse or shop, .
(July 28, 2010)
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 | Automotive | Visitors: 251

In-Depth Lift Comparison

In-Depth Lift ComparisonAuto lifts come in a variety of styles, but most of them can be divided into one of two categories based on how they engage the vehicle: wheel engaging car lifts and frame ..
(July 27, 2010)
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 | Automotive/Repairs | Visitors: 617