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Just the Facts Ma'am

Whether it’s your first article or your 40th, you’ve got to make sure that it’s right. Not just sounds good, (listen up, Jayson Blair), but is factually accurate. Otherwise ..
(March 02, 2007)
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For The Gentlemen - Where's Your Perfect Date?

Okay you’re squeamish about the online dating thing. Good thing. Common sense tells you that the best way to meet that someone special is face to face. Your perfect date is out there you just ..
(April 03, 2007)
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Fact Checkers - Literary Firewalls

As a writer, your work is unique, one-of a kind and sacrosanct. A fact checker is your guard against the outside influences which only seek to confuse and detract. There are three stages by which you .
(March 29, 2007)
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Dates in the Spring: More or Less?

Trust scientists to stick their noses into our private business and private parts. They’ve even torn apart love and boiled it down to its basic chemical components (can you say pheromones?). ..
(March 29, 2007)
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Safe - Your Writing is Now Ready

Researching your novel or non fiction book can be time-consuming, frustrating and slow down your writing process. Get a professional on board who’s skilled at finding just what you need. ..
(March 27, 2007)
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 | Writing-and-Speaking | Visitors: 103

Why You Need a Fact Checker

Every “t” was crossed and every “i” dotted. But you were caught winging it when you described Vermont in spring with the fireflies lighting up the night. Oops, fireflies, ..
(March 26, 2007)
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 | Writing-and-Speaking | Visitors: 129

For Women Only - What's Your Date Talking About?

Look closely ladies, these ever-so-attractive male types have a language all their own, a silent one. How do you know he wants a second date? Body language is like a picture—it can say a thousand ..
(March 21, 2007)
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 | News | Visitors: 193

For Men Only - The Unspoken Date Language

How do you know that she’s interested? Will her lips lie? How do you know you’re likely to get a second date? Body language speaks louder than words, here’s how to read your date. ..
(March 19, 2007)
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Second Dates: The Biggest Hurdle

There are two schools of thought for the second date. First make it quick—drinks and a conversation after work. That way you can leave or stay depending on how poorly or well it’s going. ..
(March 07, 2007)
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Regrettable Errors: Media Mistakes

Because stories are never free from passion, it’s no wonder journalists and writers make costly (and embarrassing) errors. Here are a few examples. The headline that made heads turn. In ..
(March 06, 2007)
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 | Business | Visitors: 189