Writing and Self-examination

Charles Goulet

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Good writing requires self-examination. Why is one writing? What part of the writer will be shared with readers? Will it be only information or will it include the essence of the writer? This, then determines what will be written: poetry, essays, articles, short stories, novels, or any other genre of writing.

A writer’s work must share part of his or her being, or it is merely reporting. And when the soul or spirit of the writer is included, it requires a depth of self-examination; it requires searching the psyche for what is important and even relevant to the writer and thus, to the reader. This is egoism, not egotism; the first is self-assurance, the second is vainglory.

Athough writing for financial gain is important, it should never be the sole reason for writing, as that will not bring out the best in the writer. Passion of expression, a need to communicate, a desire to share a part of the person—ideas, feelings, passions—and love are the bases for exemplary and ageless writing.

Writing must fulfill a heartfelt need for self-expression, ego fulfillment, or a therapeutic necessity, and last, but not least, financial reward and fame.

If writing does not foster this self-examination, it is nothing more than a skill to use words, to use language, and to use writing to manipulate and not to satisfy the reader.

Charles O. Goulet has a BA in history and a BEd in English literature. He has written several historical novels that are available at Amazon.com, Amazon. ca, Barnes and Noble, and many other bookstores.

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