Revealed! Ancient Chinese Secrets To Overcoming Writers Block!

Craig Garber

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You know, some jobs just stink, and no matter how hard you try, there's just very little to no redeeming value in them.

For example - the guy who splits the peas that go into split-pea soup.

That can't be too much fun, now can it?

Or how about the guy who collects the tolls on the highways, bridges and tunnels.

That job sucks!

Believe me, I used to do that while I was going to college.

And you know what's different between the first car you give 45 cents change to, at 11 pm. . . and the last car you give 45 cents change to, the following morning at 7 am?

Absolutely. . . NOTHING!

Anyway, there's a man named Donald Lau, who's vice-president of Wonton Food, Inc. , in Long Island City, New York. (that's just outisde of Manhattan)

Donald is the guy who's responsible for writing up all the fortunes that get wrapped up inside the fortune cookies at your local Chinese restaurant.

In fact, Donald's company cranks out 4 million fortune cookies a DAY, so Donald just might be the most prolific writer in history.


Donald never expected to be a fortune-cookie writer, of course, things just happened that way, as they sort of do for most people.

Needless to say, now-and-again, Donald suffers from “writers block" (No doubt, the thrill is probably 100% gone for Donald. ), and so he's constantly looking around his environment to pick up little gems he can put on the fortunes that go inside the cookies his company manufactures.

Like when he rides the subway to work, for example: “Beware of odors coming from strange places. "

My favorite fortune-cookie fortune of all time, is. . . “He who eats jellybeans, farts in technicolor. "

I wonder if Donald wrote that one - maybe you've cracked open a fortune-cookie or two and found that one too?

Anyhow, Donald recently came up with 2 gems I wanted to pass on to you, about writing, because they are very very relevant to writing your sales copy.

And here they are:

One, “Don't have too complicated a mind. "

The simple truth is, the easier you can say it, the easier your prospect can understand it.

And two, “Think in ten word sentences. "

You should never go on and on in your writing, just like you should never go on and on when you're talking to someone.

Ancient Chinese wisdom from Donald, sure makes good sense to me, no?

Now go sell something,

Craig Garber

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