Constant Moving with Parents- Part 2 - My Childhood


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During my childhood so far, I have moved 9 times within one city, Charleston. I love Charleston from Mt. Pleasant to Seabrook Island. Unfortunately, I have not become settled in a specific house yet. I have become settled with my mom, but my father is not settled.

When I was born my mother, father, and I lived in a house in West Ashley. When I was about 4 years old, my parents got divorced. My mom stayed at the house in West Ashley. I lived there until I was about 7 years old, and then we moved. The day we moved out, I was crying. I still remember, vividly, how to get around in the house. I miss this house, probably since it is my birth home.

My mother and I moved, temporarily, to a Condo in James Island. We were there for about a year. I was not particularly fond of the Condo. My mom became engaged to a man and we moved in with him into my current house.

We moved into my mothers’ fiancé’s house in West Ashley on the Intracostal Waterway during the very beginning of ’99. My mom and her husband became married in March of 2000. After the wedding, I officially had a stepfather, a stepbrother, and two stepsisters. However, the story of my stepfamily is for my next article. On December 3 2000, my mother finally gave into me begging to get a dog. We got a dog, which we think is a Cocapoo we are not sure. Even though my dog is not the smartest, I still love him. Sometime in 2001, my mom hired a painter to paint my stepsister, stepbrother, and my rooms. My stepsister got hers painted with horses, my stepbrothers had his dark red with a large wave, and I had mine done of weather. We have a boat out there, and I love living out there on the water.

My father and I have moved many times. It all started when my parents became divorced. My mom stayed in the house, but my father moved into an apartment. I do not remember much of the apartment. The only thing I remember was that my cousin liked to stay over.

Then we moved to a house in downtown. I do not remember anything about the house. We moved then to another house downtown. It was on Queen St. and it was, I believe, a condominium. . During our short time at the house, I had my room painted with fishes everywhere. At the end of the street, there was a play park.

We moved into a house out in Mt. Pleasant. This is our longest house we stayed in. I remember that there was a backyard pond, and there were fish and ducks in it. There were rose plants on the side of the house, and gardens in the back. I liked this house of all. There were not many kids that I knew, but I met one that became my best friend, but unfortunately moved to Rhode Island. There are many memories from that house. That is where my dad became engaged to Mindy, one of a couple of failed relationships. I will cover that later. I started to believe that my father has finally settled, but I was proven wrong. Then we moved again.

For a little while we moved in with my grandmother Nini. She lives out on Seabrook Island, a nice community with no hotels, or any shops inside it. Everything was within biking distance, so I went to the pool/ beach area over the summer. I played tennis that summer. She was also a very good cook. I loved to just eat, eat, and eat. She also had a Boston Terrier. He was the smartest dog. He can sense anything. When anyone went to sit down, he would jump into the chair and lay right behind you. Then we moved to our present location.

We moved to Headquarters Island on Johns Island. It is a condominium. I have lived here for about 2 years now. I am not crazy about the place, but it is fine. My father became engaged in this house to a woman named Risa; it did not turn out to well. That is a completely different story for a later time. There is a lake in the back yard. Also unfortunately, there are repairs and restorations going on, on the outside of the condominium. All the banging and noise drives me crazy.

I, of course, go back and forth each house on a regular basis. It is annoying when I run out of clothes at one house, and forget a book for school at the other, but I manage. I often forget whom I am with on the specific weekend.

Moving is not an easy thing to go through, especially if your parents are divorced. Also moving into someone else’s house feels strange. I know the feeling of the sense that you are finally settled, you start to become comfortable with your surroundings, and then all of a sudden you move. I am 14 years old and have moved 9 times. I now do not feel safe to become comfortable since I know that as soon as I do, that I will move. In Part 3 I shall discuss what it is like to have a stepfamily, and to live in the same house with them.

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