My Stepfamily - Part 3 - My Childhood


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My mother remarried to a man with children. I like my stepfamily, even though it feels odd living under the same roof with them. I have a stepfather, a stepbrother, and two stepsisters. My father has attempted to remarry, but is so far unsuccessful.

My mom and stepfather got married March 18, 2000. My stepfather is a doctor and oddly delivered me. I moved in with him in early 1999. It feels as if I have been given a bonus dad. It is a strange feeling having a stepfather. He is nice to me, and I like him. Unfortunately, he is not always home, and sometimes is at the Hospital all night. My mom is happy and loves him very much. If he makes my mom happy then I am happy.

My stepsister Carrie is the oldest of us four. She lives in Maryland with her husband. She went to Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. When she moved out, I took her room upstairs as my own. Unfortunately, when I moved in she moved out to college. I do not know a whole lot about her since I never see her.

My stepbrother Jeff is the second oldest of us four. He goes to college at the University of Florida; he lived with me for most of the time. He is my only stepbrother, and I do not know a lot of him. He likes to surf, which makes him opposite of me so we could not ever relate. He was always out late, partying, or sleeping because he was tired from partying.

My other stepsister Molly is the third oldest of us four, which that makes me the youngest. She is currently on her Senior Year of High School at Porter Gaud. She is planning on going to Clemson, which is my rival school since I like Carolina. She helps me with any work I have if I need it, and puts up with me. She and I are the only kids left in the house.

When I moved in there were six people in the house. The house was at its limit. Now there are only four in the house, and next year there will be three left. It feels odd being an only child half of the time when I am with my dad, but when I go to my moms house I am not an only child. I sometimes miss being an only child every day, but most of the time, I enjoy having siblings.

In Part four I shall discuss what it has been like for me going through my fathers failed relationships. I shall discuss some of the major relationships, and some minor. I shall review how the relationships affected me and how they affected my father.

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