Writer's Block -- It's All In The Mind

Joan Clout-Kruse

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Did you ever stop to think that writer's block is all in the mind? That's right. Our mind is making the decision that we can't write another word. When writer's block comes to visit us we can go for days and months without writing another word. We want to write but something stops us. So let's give our minds some positive energy. Let's keep the positive energy going so that the words will keep on flowing. Here are some ideas on how to counterattack writer's block.

1. Maintain a positive attitude
When you experience writer's block what are you thinking at that moment? Negative thoughts probably. Are you saying things like, “I'm too busy. " “I can't do it. " “My work isn't that good. " Those are powerful words and you are right, if you think negatively you will act negatively. Negative words sap the energy right out of you and your mind shuts down.

Solution: Why not positively change your attitude. Instead of negative thoughts be positive: “I can do this. " “My readers will love my work. " “My enthusiasm will keep the adrenalin going so I can write. " “I'll get to my other project today at 3:00 pm so I can keep on writing. " Say kind things to yourself everyday before you start writing. Be kind to yourself and your creativity will flow.

2. You are stuck.
The words just won't come out anymore. You are sitting in your writing area and nothing is happening. This is so typical of us writers. We get so frustrated with ourselves when the words stop flowing. Well isn't it time we got over it?

Solution: It might be time to give your mind a break. If you can't write anymore take a short break. Get your favorite beverage. Take a bathroom break. S-t-r-e-t-c-h your body. Walk around the block (this is a good one for your health and creative thinking). Better yet, take your writing project to the park and spend a few hours there thinking and writing anything that comes to your mind. Get back to writing as quickly as possible.

3. Be your own therapist.
Are you feeling anxious? Fearful? Is it stopping you from writing? It's the stopping that hurts, not the writing.

Solution: Be your own best therapist. Write about how you feel at this moment. Keep on writing. Get it out of your system. Keep on writing until you have no more to say. Whew! Now don't you feel better?

Now that the anxious feeling is over, it's time to take a little refreshing break and get back to writing your book. In a few days go back to your “therapist's notes" and you probably will wonder why you allowed yourself to get so overwrought. If you still feel there is value to those panic attacks then you had better make an appointment with a Therapist.

4. Self-Doubt creeps in.
Yesterday you were on “cloud-nine"-excited and passionate about your book. Today you are not so sure. All the sudden you have some doubts. If you have any doubt then you are in trouble.

Solution: Think of some of your past accomplishments for a few moments. Read a few pages of something you wrote in the past that you really liked. “Wow, did I write that?" you think. Of course you did, you are a great writer. Hold those positive thoughts for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths as you accept your great writing. Now enough-get back to writing because there is no doubt that you ARE a great writer.

Now don't you feel better? Next time you get writer's block, remember that it's all in the mind.

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Joan Clout-Kruse is the author of “Top 10 Traits of Silicon Valley Dynamos, " and the e- book “How to Write Your Great Book in 90 Days or less" and “The ABCs of Success. " All these books can help you plan and set tasks to achieve your goals. Contact her at CoachJoan@powerhousewriting.com or http://powerhousewriting.com . She can help you write a “how to" book or booklet to attract clients and get recognized as an expert in your field. She offers 90-Day book writing programs through personal coaching, e-mail and teleseminars.

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