Stay Motivated: The Key To Your Writing Success

Joan Clout-Kruse

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Are you as motivated as the Stars Wars actors were?

I don’t know about you but I am a Star Wars fan, and I ask you this: Are you as dedicated to writing your great book as the Star Wars actors were to practicing sword fighting 6 hours a day for a several months before they even started the movie?

In my opinion they practiced long hours because they are dedicated actors who want to do a great job, the honor of starring in a great movie, and money (maybe that’s the first motivator).

I have known many writers who enthusiastically tell me about their book and why they want to write it. Usually it is because the writer wants to write it for recognition and because they believe they have a story to tell. After the excitement of writing a book wears off and they discover writing requires commitment, dedication and TIME. . . they back off. They had a weak Motivating Factor. Enthusiasm doesn’t last without a real purpose.

Now what is your MOTIVATING FACTOR to finish your GREAT book?

You must feel a deep yearning inside to write this book. You can’t let go because of the Motivating Factor within you. You must write. It is more important to you than eating. It is like the feeling of mild ecstasy.

  • Recognition as an expert in your field
  • Attract more clients
  • Your readers want this book. They need this book.
  • Fame
  • Fortune
  • Deadline from publisher
  • Your own deadline to meet some commitment you made
  • Teaching others to succeed in your area of expertise
  • A passion to write your book no matter what
  • Promise you made to a colleague, leader, or another person important to you
  • It is important that YOU know your Motivating Factor because without it you probably won’t finish your book.

    Get motivated with other writers

    My friend, Pam Valvano, author of the upcoming book entitled ‘FOR PARENTS ONLY: The 10 Most Important Things To Know When Advocating For Your Special Needs Child’, said she wanted a Summer Book Writing Telecourse to keep her motivated to write her great book and to meet other writers who would inspire each other. She knows the value of having a “writing buddy. ” Find your buddy to help keep you motivated. Talk weekly about your writing plans.

    Is there a “How To” book in you?

  • How to Invest
  • How to Find Your First Mortgage
  • How to communicate
  • How to Speak
  • How to Raise Kids
  • How to Sell Anything
  • Whatever it is, your reader needs it. Now is the time to write your GREAT book.

    Find your Motivating Factor

    No more excuses. Find your Motivating Factor now. Find the passionate reason why you are writing your book. You will stay committed to your book and nothing will get in the way of your writing once you know your Motivating Factor. Enthusiasm is important to your writing success. It is the greatest energy booster you can have. Once you have the Motivating Factor in your writing life enthusiasm will be there for you. The greatest motivator in your world is to write with that passionate feeling.

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    Joan Clout-Kruse is the author of “Top 10 Traits of Silicon Valley Dynamos, " and the e-book “How to Write Your Great Book in 90 Days or less" and “The ABCs of Success. " All these books can help you plan and set tasks to achieve your goals. Contact her at or She can help you write a “how to" book or booklet to attract clients and get recognized as an expert in your field. She offers 90-Day book writing programs through personal coaching, e-mail and teleseminars.

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